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Vroom Vroom!


Yeah, I jumped!


I rushed ahead of the sew-a-long and am now wearing my Ziggi. I have, however, ordered more material to make another one and this time I will do as Maris does.

I did hit some hurdles but managed to overcome them, not always in the right way but the jacket is finished and I’m proud to wear it.


For your information, I cut the pattern size 12 with 1cm seam allowance but I sewed mine with the usual 1.5cm (5/8″). This has created a closer fit, which is exactly what I wanted – I often think some biker jackets are a bit boxy – and I need a waist! To exaggerate what waist there is, I left the side seams to the last and sewed a curve: nipping in up to 2.5cm at waist and back out to 1.5cm at underarms and hips.


We have a striped lining with enough left over to knock up a Sorbretto or similar.


The lining is bagged using the black magic technique! I really can’t figure out how it works but it does! The instructions suggest leaving a seam in a sleeve open to turn the jacket right ways out but I used the peplum piece in the back. To do a easy (??) bagging, go here  – West Valley College and choose lesson 3 Lined Jacket – absolutely invaluable tutorial. Bar the straight seams, Tiina Keller  makes a lined jacket in little over and hour!


Thank you all so much for such encouraging comments on the previous post – how could I not carry on after that? Unfortunately, for some very strange reason my computer wouldn’t open my own blog! I could see everyone else’s, just not my own. Anyway, it fixed itself and this is  now a universal thank you and an answer to some queries at the same time.

Vivienne – thanks for the tip about Clover wonder clips -off to check them out and great to have more sewing stuff.

Coco Savage – Teflon foot used but when I had to put in the zips the metal zipper foot did ‘stick’ to the fabric, so there is some puckering – just couldn’t be helped. I also released the foot pressure (from 6 down to 3 on my machine). Used a jeans needle and it worked well. Topstitching size is 3mm, everything else is 2.6mm.

Sigrid and Shams – thanks but no comparison to your perfect renditions of this jacket.

Pauline – good to hear from you.

Sewingelle – you and me are true rebels! Sewing-along without sewing along….

Megan – get those scissors out and start! I promise you, you won’t want to stop until it’s on your back

I’ve worn the Ziggi with a green pencil skirt (V1247), jeans and classic grey wool trousers so far. The moto style adds edge to the classics and this particular colour of not-quite navy-almost-inky-sort-of Airforce-blue practically goes with everything.


Rhonda, Linda, Marj & Velosewer – No, I’m not getting a motor-bike, just another motor-bike jacket!

94 thoughts on “Vroom Vroom!

  1. Wow! You are my inspiration! Looks amazing.

  2. You don’t have to buy a motorcycle, just find a guy with one!!!!!! Although your husband might have an issue with that 😉
    Looks great, you wild woman!!

  3. OMG I am so jealous – I love it and you would think it came straight out of a designer label. Now I have to make some effort to get my sewing mojo back and sew up the sued I bought ages ago.

    Well done you have every right to be proud.

    • p/s where did you get the zips from – I have struggled finding coordinating zips in the different sizes that all match

      • Ahh, the zips! Bummer. In actual fact the 20″ front zip is a different colour of blue to the shorter pocket and sleeve zips. All made by YKK and bought in the local material shop. When you line up the zips side by side, the colour difference is really obvious, but when separated and inserted it’s not so noticeable. To my embarrassment I have ordered zips from America – isn’t it a shame that it’s easier to buy half dozen zips from across the Atlantic, instead of being to buy them in the UK? Zipperstop –

        Thanks Pauline.

  4. Oh, how fabulous! Love the color, the style, everything about it. You ROCK!

  5. perfect colour for you. wonderful with your green skirt

  6. You look absolutely fabulous in it.

    Sent from Samsung Mobile

  7. It’s fabulous!! Thanks for the inspiration – I am ready to get on with my muslin fitting.

  8. Stunning, absolutely stunning!!, You’ve pulled it off again. I WANT TO MAKE ONE NOW.

  9. I forgot to ask: could you please provide the address from where you bought the zips? Thanks.

  10. Fabulous jacket, and it suits you so well. Very nice work!

  11. Beautiful jacket for a beautiful lady! Looks absolutely amazing. Enjoy wearing it. You’re glowing!

  12. Wow Ruth! IMPRESSIVE!! I’m sure you’ll wear it loads. 😀

  13. Very cute jacket and the color suits you well. Nice job, as always!

  14. Looks fabulous! Perfect colour.

  15. I’m so impressed. Love it!

  16. The color, the fit, that lining, wow! it is absolutely perfect, and you look fantastic in it!

  17. Wow Ruth, that is FANTASTIC! What a fantastic colour and fit on you.

  18. Fantastic Ruth – enjoyed all the posts and now encouraged to make my own. Love your blog

  19. Ruth, you are such a sharp dresser! You look great in your jacket and your students are surely amazed:)

  20. Just FABULOUS! If you hadn’t pointed out the “oop sies,” I’ll bet few of us would have noticed. Looking forward to seeing #2!

    • Thank you Linda, the oopsies are important because they show it was handmade – with all the faults. Should I take a small break or get stuck straight in to the second?

  21. Wow! Great jacket and very refreshing mix of colours (as always..)

  22. It’s Gorgeous, Ruth! Love everything about it. And how perfect it is in a non-black colour! 😀

  23. Fantastic! I love it. You look gorgeous. I’ve been wondering about this pattern for ages. So glad to see it made up so well.

  24. Hot damn, that looks good! Is it leather of faux leather? Either or, where did you get?

    • Hi Susan – faux leather bought on ebay for £15! Bargain. I think the zips cost more than the fabric….

      • Ruth, could you advise us all on the weight of the faux leather you bought. Fabric weight or upholstery weight, its a minefield on ebay if you aren’t sure. LOL

  25. I LOVE this! I had been put off moto jackets due to their boxy look – but this? This is fabulous! I’m sold!

  26. It looks amazing! Love the quilting and the fit is just great on you!

  27. Amazingly beautiful version Ruth. Seems like you did about the same shaping I did. And thos tiny ‘mistakes’. No one will see them. Be proud to have made such a wonderful jacket and happyly wear it.

  28. Hi there Ruth,
    An absolute triumph, good health in wearing it over and over and over again. The style really suits you.

    • Thank you Marysia – the faux leather was advertised as dressmaking weight – I didn’t keep a record of who I bought it from – sorry. A bit of digging in my ebay account might throw up the retailer. I think upholstery weight would be way too thick.

  29. No way did you make that!!!

    OK, so we have the WIP photos to prove that you had, but I’m totally speechless and awestruck by the perfection of this! You will no doubt have a fab time wearing this and will look amazing (love your hair).

    Thanks for the links too.

  30. Wow, the finished jacket surpassed expectations. It looks fantastic. I’m still waiting for my pattern to arrive (and getting very itchy fingers!). I’m hoping to make mine from leather which is definitely thicker than your faux leather. Have you got any thoughts on whether that’s a good idea? I imagine quilting the shoulder pieces might make my leather too thick to work with, although I do love the look of the quilting. Ooooh, so exciting, although I will be good and make a wearable muslin first – maybe!

    • Hi Megan, I tried sewing with leather once and while it was OK when I was sewing a straight seam, as soon as there were 3 or 4 thicknesses my machine just wouldn’t go through it. If you have a good heavy machine that can handle the thicknesses then you should be grand. I quilted with wadding and a cotton backing which did make the shoulder pieces quite stiff – they’re more like shoulder pads now! I’d loved to have used real leather – lucky you – or maybe suede??

  31. Stunning Ruth. You look really fierce! (In a good way 🙂 )

  32. Great job. Really love the jacket on you.

  33. Wow – your jacket is totally fabulous! It is a great fit and I love the lining. The tutorials were good as well, although I think making a fully lined jacket in just over an hours is showing off!!

    Many congrats – it looks as though it will be a well worn jacket in your wardrobe!

  34. That looks super high end! You are becoming my inspiration!

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  36. Wow… I am super impressed. I am not sure I will ever have the courage to embark on such a project. It looks FANTASTIC!

  37. Absolutely fabulous!
    Could not look more perfect !

  38. oooohhhh so very beautiful!!
    your work is superb!

  39. Wow, that jacket is amazing!!!! So awesome.

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  41. Ruth – so proud and happy to have you in the Ziggy sew-along! Your jacket is BEAU-ti-ful! I bet your Ziggi is as happy as mine is to run to the store, go out for a glass of wine, or otherwise entertain the locals. Do tell what you are thinking for Ziggi #2. You could be asking for sibling rivalry!!

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