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Teal’s Not in the Rainbow…


Having knitted up the hugest jumper in the world I realised that apart from jeans I didn’t really have much to wear with it. I skipped a SWAP sew and got side tracked into making clothes that I will wear now. This could well be the reason that I was still sewing SWAP right up to the last minute last year…


There’s quite a bit of teal and teal-type colours in the jumper and Croftmill had a great offer on teal moleskin and I have my Kenneth D. King’s Jeanius pattern rub-off and I already have a teal T-shirt, so I just had to really.


There’s nothing remarkable about the jeans. I usually make a boot cut leg but these ones were straightened and not made in denim. Emm, that’s about it …….except….. I now have ANOTHER knitted garment to wear with these.

Remember the purple kimono cardigan, well, it’s


finally finished! It only took 8 years to complete! I am not a skilled or quick knitter. It’s a cardigan of many stitches – knit, purl, moss stitch, rib and a bit of impetuous casting on and off. I kinda just made it up as I went along.



Fronts are both different, R-H side is moss stitch and L-H side is 1-1 rib. The left sleeve is ordinary st-st but the right sleeve is knit. All held together with a very sharp hat pin.

Sling on a go-with-everything-white shirt (from SWAP ’13), throw a coordinating scarf around your neck and you’re all set to go.


All together now…


There is however one problem with the jeans – after a day of wear the moleskin stretches out and this is what happens…DSC01105

I’ll wash them on a high temperature to try and shrink them back down – apart from ripping out and starting over (which I’m not going to do) any other suggestions?

Still missing pictures?

35 thoughts on “Teal’s Not in the Rainbow…

  1. Love the jeans, the colour is gorgeous!! Only thing I can suggest for the waist is whether or not you could unpick a section of waistband and thread elastic the same width as the waistband through (topstitch it down through the waistband and then stretch it to fit snug and secure the other end again through the waistband, ideally under a belt loop of you want to hide the stitching) I’ve done it before and it’s doable if a bit fiddly. If you have side seams in the waistband you can unpick a small section of that and add the elastic in that has buttonholes (like you see in adjustable waist pants mostly in kids sizes) and add a couple of buttons inside the waistband.

  2. I love these! Your styling is really sharp, of course- it always is!

  3. I am afraid a high temp wah will help only a few hours, if at all….
    Wear a belt I would suggest, this kind of fabric keeps stretching I ‘ m afraid.
    Meanwhile enjoy the omfy wear….
    Love the color and the combi with the jumper!! Looks great on you!!

    • Yep a few hours of tight, well fitting jeans Joza is about all I can get. I’ve worn a belt but then there’s all the gathers at the back – I’m now too choosy! If this was RTW they would be fine!

  4. Be careful with the washing of those pants. I have had this problem in the past, washed the pants and rather than shrink up around the body, they shrunk in length. So aggravating. Sadly, I have no suggestions for you on that front, just stories of my own woes 😦
    Love your sweaters. I remember when we were in Ireland a few years ago and freezing, and it was July!!! I can imagine that you will get lots of wear out of those beautiful pieces.

  5. I love the fact that your cardi was 8 years in the making! It makes me feel better about my current knit which is still only 5 inches long – there are so many pretty dresses to be made which seem so much more important.

  6. It might have taken you eight years to knit that sweater but that beats me completely. I have never knitted anything worth wearing! Love both those sweaters.

    As for the waistline issue, I second Suzy’s suggestion about tunneling in a bit of elastic at the waistline. Doint that in the back waist is my go to solution for many RTW pants.

  7. No pictures here Ruth! I will check back later.

  8. Love your knitting and all the colors! The jeans look great, but other than taking them in, I’ve got nothing. I really hate it when that happens to jeans, though.

  9. Elastic in the back waistband only

  10. The colors are fabulous on you and look really nicely done. Is the moleskin washable? Does it retract then? If not, I was going to suggest some elastic along the sides placed horizontally inside the waistband, just to help retain the shape.

    Wowee! You look great!

  11. LOL! I like when my jeans loosen up towards the end of the day. I can relax and have a nice dinner.

  12. After washing to get them back in shape, add petersham ribbon to the inside of the waist. Cut it the length you want the waist to be plus a little to turn under at each end. Top stitch it down to the inside of the waist band. It will keep the fabric from stretching in that area.

  13. Hm, no one suggested you eat for Ireland for a month or two. OK, it’s a terrible idea.

    Would it take too long to remake them in a smaller size? They make your legs look endless, the colour is great and moleskin is a lovely, tactile fabric. Love the stripy jumper too.

    • Actually, I like that idea about lots of eating except these would be the only things that would then fit and I’d have to let out all my other clothes! Thanks Marianna

  14. All the pics are here, but i haven’t had any problem with your pics anyway. What cute jumpers. Knitting is sooo relaxing, I really am disappointed whe I finish something! Those jeans…how about a belt, girl?

    • That’s good about the pics Coco – it’s a weird magic trick that the computer is doing. I’m quite getting into knitting at the moment as long as it’s very plain but sewing is still number 1.

  15. I’m really loving your color combinations. Teal with that deep purple is fabulous. And good that you persevere with your knits, they look very comfy and in my mind they match your energetic and experimental personality.

  16. Love the teal trousers – and moleskin as well. Mmmmm! I remember when Croft Mill sent out a printed flyer (have I told you this before?) no pictures, just a (hilarious) rambling story with a brief fabric description at the end. They did have some good fabric though. I also like your multi coloured sweater – it looks great with the teal trousers.

  17. Your outfit looks great. I hope you sort out the stretching – sounds like some good ideas. I know what you mean when you say it would be okay in RTW. I’m now a lot fussier than I was and buying less but still don’t have the skills to make up for not buying. I was knitter first but sewing is now #1.

  18. Hi Ruth
    I am looking for Vogue Pattern V8259 Claire Shaeffer jacket pattern. Do you have this pattern at all? Would you be willing to share, loan, rent, gift or sell it. I’ve been looking everywhere for it without success.

  19. Love the teal on you. Great colour and perfect match with your multicoloured jumper. Love the purple, teal and white combo too.

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