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SWAP Set 1


Can you see any pictures? I’m losing faith in my computer – one minute they’re all there and the next they’re gone!

While I having been blogging about what to do with scraps, I have been sewing up a storm. I just haven’t gotten round to taking photos. My blogging is way behind my sewing, which makes a first!

I have completed Set 1 for my Rainbow SWAP ’14 – the warm coloured end of the light spectrum. I have managed to photograph each item but never altogether as an outfit until today. So this is a bargain blog post – 3 in 1!

Jacket is Vogue 8430, mustard coloured boiled wool with red/pink/burgundy yarns felted in a checked design.

Shirt is vintage Vogue 1437 Danny Nobel designer, multi-colured check cotton, predominantly red, yellow, orange but with green, purple and blue too.

Skirt is Vogue 1247 (yes, again!), burnt orange corduroy.


Now for the nitty gritty details…..

The jacket is already documented here, so we’ll move on to the skirt.

Once again, V1247, lengthened and straightened, lined in my usual way, with a centre back vented split. The only tweaks this time were the inside waistband and pocket binding which match the shirt, and ribbon tabs for hanging up. That’s what we home sewers can do – make matching facings that no-one but us will ever see! Oh the power…….



The shirt is a very old Vogue designer pattern from 1980s. It’s boxy and loose but relatively simple to sew. I’ve made this a few times now including when it was a ‘new’ design; I was 18 and a slimline size 10-12 and made the whole suit in purple twill with an ivory cotton shirt. You can see from the state of the pattern envelope how old this is.


DSC01071There’s a yoke over the shoulders which is supposed to be loose but I sew mine down and always add a little ribbon and bead in the centre back for an extra personal touch. I didn’t add the huge front pockets this time – there’s really too many checks and colours going on without making it any worse.


I cut the sleeves on the bias a la Shams, not just to get a fancy pattern but really out of sheer laziness so I didn’t have to match the checks! I did however try to match them across the fronts and at the side seams.


There is a little mandarin collar but I most often wear this folded down with the top 2 buttons undone.


And I match the Rothko!

This colour scheme is also a good opportunity for me to wear my unusual orange beads – resin in a trillion different shapes – but mighty heavy due to the hundreds of steel washers that hang around the back of the neck.

Now opinions please…. I like each item individually but I’m not too sure about them all together: yes they match colour-wise and they certainly brighten up a dull winter’s day – but as an ‘outfit’?


Anyway, I’m off to tackle the cool end of the spectrum next – the indigo and violet…..



41 thoughts on “SWAP Set 1

  1. I am crushing on these pieces! They are all showstoppers on their own- amazing together!

  2. I really like each one separate. Wish I had that shirt pattern. I also like them altogether. Love to see your creations.

    • It’s surprising how many other things the shirt can be worn with and I love orange and grey together so I can tame the skirt by wearing subdued colours with it. Thanks Tracey,that’s very kind of you.

  3. great, seperatly and together for sure!!!

  4. OMG! You have that Danny Noble pattern! I remember sewing this up in high school!!! I made the jacket and the skirt, and left the shirt. Looking at it again now, it’s such a great pattern! Love all this colour, Ruth.

    • Oh you have such good taste Tia – do you remember how much topstitching there was?

      • Yes! That was the fun part of it! I loved putting together all those designer patterns in the 80’s. I learned soooo much about garment construction! And, if I don’t say so myself, I was the best-dressed high school kid in my world. 😀

  5. Yes, definitely together. On their own, yes. Great pieces and love the styling!

  6. Very inspired mix of patterns and colour and they work together perfectly.

    I love it when an item of jewellery inspired the creation of a whole outfit.

  7. I don’t dip my toe in the brightly colored end of the pool, but on you these are fabulous. I think you really need to wear them together on occasion. They’re really stunning individually on all together. That skirt! I can’t decide if it’s prettier on the reverse or right-side out. Nice job!

  8. You look so good in these bright colors! Your pieces look great together, and definitely would be wonderful for a pop of color with another garment.

  9. I’m echoing everyone else — your pieces look great together and they will also work on their own — win/win. I think the brown boots (which I love!) anchor the brightness and keep it from being over the top. I’m also impressed you were sewing Vogue patterns when you were 18:)

  10. I think (?) I also had this pattern. It looks very familiar. I love the skirt and shirt worn together. The colours really suit you. Not sure I like the yellow worn with it. I think it also looks great on you, but I prefer it worn with something different.

  11. I love the brightness of them! – perfect remedy for gloomy winter days..

  12. A beautiful ensemble, Ruth! Each piece is special and, when worn together, it makes for a fabulous outfit!

  13. That is such a lovely cheery outfit – and how can you go wrong with burnt orange cord?! I love the finishing to your skirt, and I am with you – why not add some fancy schmancy trims?! I can see all your photos except for one – it looks like ‘DSC01013’ is missing – all I can see is the image title.

    Looking forward to see more rainbows!!

  14. You look great! The Vogue 1247 seems really versatile, neat and comfy. Must. Have.

  15. Ruth, I love your pretty, colorful clothes! You are tall and can wear them together. I’m short and could not get away with mixing more than two at a time. I can tell you’re having fun with this project!

    • Hi Sarah, thanks for that and you always look good in 2 colours! I’m also having fun because I now realise how many more things that I already have and can wear with items from this set. Adds a whole new perspective on my existing wardrobe.

  16. No pictures here Ruth (Monday 5.40pm)

  17. Ruth, all three pieces are fabulous and look great together too. Such lovely, bright, warm colours to add some cheer to your winter. You wear these colours well.

  18. I like all the pieces together. What a gloriously bright outfit. Even just one with a more subdued other garment would also be happy and bright.

  19. I love the colors! They are so happy and they suit you so well. I think that they come alive when they are put together. Great choice!

  20. Definitely together – I love this outfit. Perfect for February. I often find people love to tell one how very cheery & cheerful colour makes them. So, I believe that is is one of my jobs to cheer them up & amuse myself at the same time – so I say go for the gusto!

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  22. I love this outfit and I think you totally carry it off. The burnt orange colour in particular is lovely. Each of them would really lift another outfit when added to it as well. I too was a Vogue (designer and non-designer) girl right from my first garments in the eighties. At that time there were only the large company patterns accessible, and Vogue seemed streets ahead of the rest. I think that the loose fit that was common helped, plus being closer to the ideal shape!

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