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Jungle January – Stop me NOW!!!!


I took a break from thinking about and sewing SWAP ’14 and ventured into Prttynpnk’s Jungle. I’d like to say that I don’t do animal prints but the evidence before you contradicts that premise. (Apologies for the photos – I was on my own and the light outside is just drab and grey)


Fur gilet, matching scarf, animal print T, iguana skirt


Reverse gilet, lined with iguana


Animal print T cut long enough to cover bum – black leggings and snake skin ankle boots


The Atlantic City outfit: animal print T, animal print leggings and animal print infinity scarf


Black T to match black leggings, paired with animal print ones and animal print infinity scarf


All of the above with animal print watch strap

Each of these animals has a story to tell and I plan to do just that in the upcoming posts. Until then, here’s the details to whet your appetite.

All fabrics (apart from black jersey) come from Chrysalis Winter ’13 collection: a subscription fabric service. Diana sends out swatches every season so you can touch and see the fabric weight, texture and colour. Then you phone, e-mail or post your order; it arrives and you get to work….. Of course the real benefit is that you know exactly what you will receive, not like other internet shops where you’re not 100% clear on actual colour or fabric weight.

Gilet – softest faux fur, ivory with knitted backing

Skirt – Iguana print poly; feels like the most expensive kid leather, sews up like a dream

T-shirt – Discrete (Diana’s word) animal print jersey

Black jersey – no idea where this came from – found it at the bottom of the fabric box!

Patterns are as follows:

Gilet – Self- drafted, based on McCalls 6222. This has slash pockets with single welt and I have a little tutorial planned to show how to do this.

Skirt – Vogue  Rachel Comey 1247. Made this time as straight skirt but minus the front pockets and yoke. Skirt post will show you how to manipulate the best pattern in the world

T-shirt & leggings – Vogue Katherine Tilton 8793 and McCalls 6173 respectively. T-shirt cut with extra long sleeves and added 5″ to the length so really it is more like a tunic. The leggings I’ll tell you about later.

Infinity scarf and watch strap – just using up every last scrap of fabric and future planned posts will illustrate the use of scraps.


I didn’t intend to make so many things – it just sort happened! I now have a Jungle January 6-PAC – 1 skirt, 2 leggings, 2 T-shirts and a gilet, plus all the matching accessories. She (Anne) made me do it last year too – here and here – bad, bad influence that woman!

44 thoughts on “Jungle January – Stop me NOW!!!!

  1. Now who doubts my powers? I cant wait to read about your full conversion to the predator side!!!! Gorgeousness!

  2. It’s a Jungle January SWAP!!! Look at all the possibilities and they are all wild! Love it!

  3. Ooh, I’m wearing leopard print right now! Makes me feel, er, furry and warm!

    I love how you’re put these outifits together with very different, very fabulous footwear.

    • Marianne, just good ol’ Clarke’s and maybe a pair from TK Max – now my secret is out. I do have my eye on some Manolo’s but I have to save up and try to justify the expense.

  4. Lordie, you must have never left your sewing room the whole month of December! Quite a collection of interchangeable pieces! How are these seen in your town…are you the resident rebel? For those who do not “get” wearing vests…your new vest is a stunner!

    • You are delivering credit where none is due Mrs Mole – I locked myself in the sewing room all day Saturday and most of Sunday. Every piece is simple and relatively quick and easy to sew. But thanks all the same. Belfast? Belfast? Just as long as you aren’t draped in a flag of red, white and blue or one in green white and gold we are all extremely tolerant here.

  5. Wow, you have been busy! I love them all – and all co-ordinating. You will have to give me lessons as one of my really bad habits is making lots of ‘singletons’. Well done Ruth 🙂

  6. Wow! You made the whole jungle wardrobe! 🙂 I especially like your fur gilet – looks great on you. Love how you mix and match them all creating endless combinations..

  7. Amazing! Where do you find the time to sew so many garments? I love your gilet. I love everything! So perfect for adding that splash of rrrrowwwwrrrr to an outfit when you need it with all the separate pieces!

    • Shush! between you and me..the T-shirts take 45 mins and the leggings take 30 – cutting out to wearing out. Don’t tell anyone and they’ll think these items are hard work – hee hee hee!

  8. wow! such a great collection, well done.

  9. Wow, WOW! You have been very busy. What a great set of outfits. They all look fabulous and I can’t wait to get more of the details in your future posts!

  10. Hilarious – and to be fair, really useful and great items to mix and match with some of your lovely ‘solid colour’ makes. Still sniggering over ‘iguana’ – no idea why . . . . I just am 🙂

  11. Wow! You are on a roll. Don’t stop. looking forward to all the detailed posts. Great effort for Jungle January.

  12. Wow… I just love everything about this “6 pac!” You go!!! You really took a trip to the Jungle!

  13. I am totally impressed!

  14. Oh Ruth, if you weren’t at the opposite side of the world to me I would be creeping in to steal every single piece of your jungle 6 pac! I love all of it – a beautifully coordinated wardrobe and one that you obviously feel fantastic wearing.

    • You should check out Chrysalis – I know they are in England but the fabrics are coordinated with each other so that makes life a lot easier! Oh wait, you do need fabrics, don’t you?

  15. Dang, Girl! You look fabulous!!! I may have to borrow (outright steal!) some of these looks. Amazing!

  16. 🙂 I just love this, you get dragged into animal prints kicking and screaming and then you just go all out and make a 6-pac. That’s the way to do things, full on! I am definitely intrigued by the “iguana”, I’d never heard of that one and it does look lovely in that skirt.

  17. Ooh la la. Love the animal in you. Fantastic pac. Very fun and at the same time utilitarian. Great.

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  19. Wow and wow. You’re the jungle swap queen.

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  21. Love it, those pieces are so much fun and you work it well!

  22. Oh wow!! You have definitely taken the Jungle January to heart. Your outfit is fantastic, I love that ‘fur’ vest and reversible?? Too awesome! I saw you over on Pretty Grievances blog and had to stop by to see for myself. So glad that I did!

  23. You are having way too much fun Ruth! We might have to do an intervention!

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