Essential sewing keeping me clothed and sane



This morning it looked like this…..


DH’s Kenzo wool and cashmere jacket – rarely worn. Such gorgeous fabric just going to waste. Buttons have already salvaged

Then I just waved my magic wand, sprinkled some fairy dust, said the magic words and now it looks like this……


V1247 (yet again): the back of the jacket is now the front of the skirt and front of the jacket is now the back of the skirt and the yokes are cut from the sleeves.

Isn’t sewing magic?


And I kept the collar and attached a fancy hock and eye so that I now have a separate collar-like-scarf

33 thoughts on “Abracadabra!

  1. Ha ha, tomorrow he’ll suddenly remember ‘his favourite jacket’ and ask what you’ve done with it!

    But yes, a magic project to start off the year nicely 🙂

    • Jacket? What jacket? Just trying to get the bank balance back to at least zero Marianna and still have new clothes – gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

  2. You are sew clever Ruth. I would never have thought to convert this jacket to a skirt. And you have done such a beautiful job. I wonder if DH will notice?

  3. I’m so digging that collar!!!

  4. Simply FABULOUS! So creative… Thank you for sharing

  5. Well given the tailoring efforts on his jacket, he owes you big time. How convenient he has expensive tastes (and hence good quality material) in his rejects.

  6. Yay for the magic wand! Such fun!

    • I know, it’s brilliant isn’t it Juliet? – like no cutting out or marking up nor nothing, suddenly a skirt appeared! Gosh I wish I had this magic wand for some other projects…….

  7. What a great use of an unused jacket!

    • Suzy – he doesn’t quite know yet. That’s part of my Machiavellian scheming – to see how long it takes him to realise that he no longer has this jacket!!!

  8. Did you have permission?!
    Great skirt – and the collar is inspired. I’m sure it will be much more useful now.

  9. What did i just say about you being a magician! I can almost feel that gorgeous fabric from here. It deserved to be rescued, well done!

    • It’s probably a little bit heavy for a skirt but with extra pressing and it has transformed into a wonderful winter weight skirt, worn with thick colourful tights and boots – it’s the perfect foil for any colour.

  10. Very clever! V1247 is one of my favourite patterns as well

  11. As they would say in Maine, “Wicked Clever!”

  12. What a cool transformation! Love that you even saved the collar!

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