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Shortest Day


This may well be the last post before Christmas and I know you are all probably as busy as I am over the next few days – so I won’t take up too much of your time with reading and words and analysis and stuff – just some pics. I don’t usually sew presents but this year I made an exception – still time for you to do the same.

One for her….


Niece Leigh’s slipper boots and dressing gown in fluffy pink fleece. The slippers are stuffed with little girl things like hair clips and pink pencils and a doll.

One for him….


Nephew Lucas’s slipper boots and dressing gown in tough comando camouflage fleece. His slippers are stuffed with little boys things like blue pens, cars, Lego and a robot.

One for me…..


Chinese ‘silk’ found in my mother’s attic, only 30″ wide, about 2m length. Bound in poly satin green. No pattern but based on a kimono. No make-up, no styling and very early in the morning!

The slippers boots are courtesy of Rhonda at Rhonda’s Creative Life – so kind! Thank you Rhonda.


For health and safety, the soles of the slippers had an extra layer of non-slip stuff. This is one of those mats you buy to put under a rug to stop it sliding about. I zig-zagged the whole slipper onto a piece….


….and then trimmed off the excess.


Extra embellishments were sewn on afterwards too.

Soon it will be time for SWAP ’14 and my sewing might just take on an organised and coherent  approach.

Wishing you all a peaceful festive season.



5 thoughts on “Shortest Day

  1. Great christmas presents and I am in love with your dressing gown, beautiful fabric!

  2. Lovely pressies and your kimono colours are perfect. Oh, and you don’t need make-up.

    Love how the kitty got out her special Christmas “glow eyes”.

    Have a merry one!

  3. Love them all but particularly your brocade. Great idea to use the stuff for mats on the bottom of the boots 🙂

  4. Lovely gifts,sweet and warm.I wish you a merry christmas,and hope that the wind is not blowing as hard as here.

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