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Knits Only – Yeah Right!


I must be getting soft in my old age – actively volunteering to sew for others! The mother of my niece and nephew, SIL, asked for a pair of jammie bottoms and I took this challenge as an opportunity for more practice on the overlocker (serger). I bought the fabric from Ikea; 100% cotton and soft with it, in a pale pink with small red polka dots. It’s funny how the colours I was told should never go together are now commonplace and they look good!

Red and pink – No

Red and green – No

White and cream – No

Black and navy – No

Any others you can think of?

The bottoms were made using Vogue 8641 which is supposed to be made in a knit but I just cut a bit bigger over the hips and waist. I’ve made these bottoms numerous times over the summer in wovens, even good quality linen, and this amateur alteration has worked just fine for me. The waist is elasticated, but gently so they just pull on. I’ve noticed the pattern is now OOP – shame, all the really useful ones generally are. Here’s all the versions I’ve made: takes an hour, it’s really just two tubes joined at the top.


And the completed PJs – DSC00350 I’ve also had the Sorbetto PDF downloaded for ages now but have never even got round to printing it out. As I always buy in whole metres, I had left over fabric so I got my act together and tiled the A4s. SIL got a top and now she has a complete pair of PJs to sleep well in not just the bottoms. The red cotton was discovered in my mother’s stash and it filled in the gaps very nicely. For the Sorbetto top I cut the centre front open and added a panel of contrasting polka dots, pressed and sewn into the pleat. The neck and arms are finished with bias strips – more practice for my abysmal stitching-in-the-ditch.  I also had to add an extra band at the bottom as there wasn’t enough red to make the full length. To balance it all out I added red cuffs to the bottoms.DSC00353


The first of the new labels was sewn in – you can’t have a pair of couture PJs without a label to prove it!

I made a dress that was designed for wovens in a knit and I made trousers that are designed for knits in a woven – bit like the colour combinations – just do what feels right.

And K – you know who you are!  You still haven’t given me your true measurements!

10 thoughts on “Knits Only – Yeah Right!

  1. Very generous! I sew for clients so anything made for love REALLY is a labour of love (and usually long awaited 🙂 )
    I’m sure your SIL will love her PJ’s. Just look out for the repeat orders.

  2. Lucky SIL wonderful designer jammies.

  3. I was just about to say: v cute! The colour combination is just perfect.

  4. Very cute jammies set. Another no no combo? Green and blue, but we know it just ain’t so!

  5. Oh those PJs are so cute! Lucky SIL! Red and purple, orange and pink…

  6. Lovely PJ’s.

    How about this one?

    Blue and green should never be seen
    Not even in the washing machine

    My mom used to say that.

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