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The last time you saw these T-shirts, they looked like this.
DSC00245With a lot of swearing, praying, re-threading, stuck pins, bent needles, broken threads and the most uneven seam allowances ever seen I have almost managed to tame the overlocker. I mixed and matched the pattern pieces trying to re-create a Tilton signature T-shirt. Vogue 8793

Judge…Slide1 Slide2

One shirt has the collar from the pattern – two overlapping collars but without the zip detail: I made mine in both the narrow and broad stripes; the other is a plain bias strip. the sleeves are patched due to fabric constraints. Interestingly, as the vertical version is cut on the straight of grain it is much longer than the cross-wise cut horizontal one – or is that an optical illusion?


Fronts and backs mixed up to create two identical but mirror images of the same T. I used the selvedge edge for the neckline in the grey version, so it’s only sewn on one edge to the front. Once again, one sleeve has a cuff to patch up the shortage of fabric.

There’s a bit of wrinkling at the underarms which I’m guessing is my overlocker technique with its wild seam allowances and not the pattern.

Remember, I only had 1m of each fabric and the pattern calls for a total of 2.55m for every T-shirt. Judging by the layout diagrams there is a lot of wastage, so if you intend to make this per the pattern, choose complimentary fabrics so that you can use every scrap of the fabric and get 2 or 3 shirts at the same time.




They’ll do for gardening! I seem to be making a lot of clothes for gardening this summer – and I don’t even do the gardening!


13 thoughts on “Perseverance

  1. The mostly pink shirt is in my view a too-good-for-gardening success and the neckline shape with the thin contrast band really suits you (as does the colour).

    I feel funny about sewing t-shirts as they’re so cheap to buy and usually fit fine. The advantage to own makes though is that the fabric is better and longer-lasting.

    • I was thinking the same thing as you – why bother making T-shirts when you can buy them 2 for £7? Though I did find a white cotton one retailing at £86 – for the life of me I couldn’t figure out what was so special. Fabric, the name on the label?

  2. I have this pattern and the fabric quantity and possible discomfort from the zipper trim (although that was what I liked and the reason for buying the pattern?!) put me off starting. Your shirts are a great incentive to bring it out and use it. Your shirts look really good. Too good for gardening 🙂

  3. My garden never sees such lovely pieces when I’m out working 😉

  4. I must agree–those tops are too cute for dirty chores. The serger is just a different beast than other sewing machines, so you become a complete beginner once again. I got a serger just three years ago, and I made several sad-looking tee-shirts before I had the brainstorm of practicing on lingerie. After all, you’re either asleep or wearing clothes over the top, so minor imperfections aren’t calling themselves to your attention all the time. Plus, it let me use up my knit fabric scrap collection, along with leftover bits of lace and trim.

    The downside of this is that now I must make my own lingerie because the RTW is so inferior, even to my practice garments. Oh well,
    knickers and nighties are quick projects, so there’s instant gratification.

  5. Great to see you tackling the overlooker Bravo! We have just finished watching our son playing Lacrose and the vertical stripe one raised a giggle from the Male Unit as the refs all wore that wide stripe shirts! So watch out that garden as you award penalties and free hits to the veges and plants. 🙂

  6. I like the horizontal stripes and the mainly pink one too. This looks like it would have been lots of fun! Lucky garden.

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