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Ever worn one of these?



In any case, the tabard is a hideous item of clothing – shapeless and unflattering. I know it’s functional but that’s its only redeeming feature.

On the other hand, ever worn one of these?

Slide1 Slide2

So, combine them both to get a TABIC!

All the benefits of a tunic but with a tabard’s easy access to pockets.

DSC00262 DSC00264

Take Katherine Tilton’s T-shirt pattern; 1.5m of jersey; cut the front and back and add whatever length you want: sew them together at the shoulders and 3″ down under the arm scythe: finish the raw edges in whatever way you prefer: add two ties to the back at waist-ish level – and viola a TABIC.

Can be worn with or without a under T-shirt and the ties can be brooched or tied in front, at side or at the back.


Other benefits include: the ties give definition to the waist; this old pair of RTW white linen trousers have a zip that no longer stays up (who’d know?); and you can wear blue polka dot knickers underneath too!

Really brave souls with legs much better than mine could also wear this solo – a beach cover-up or a sexy show-it-all cocktail ‘dress’ (maybe you should sew a little further than 3″ at the sides).

Can be worn with trousers, leggings and even a skirt for a full on Laganlook but with shape.

This is a prototype – the front tends to work its way loose from the sides so to counteract this, add a band at waist level to the front, like a waist stay, that will be covered by the back when worn, making sure it’s a close fit and will hold the front in place even without the ties.

There – it’s not every day that you discover a new item of clothing.


17 thoughts on “Tabic

  1. good compromise of the two and very stylish

  2. I so look forward to your posts, you make me smile 😉 What a brilliant idea. Love the tee shirt pattern too, i am a little scared of knitted fabric, but would like to ‘have a go’ Nikie

    • Nikie, jerseys are the easiest fabrics to sew – you just stretch the fabric to fit! Make sure you have a ballpoint needle in the machine – that’s all.

  3. I want one!!!! Of course, I want it in leopard, but still- I want one! You brought back painful memories of my first year as a secretary in the Emergency Room- we had navy blue smocky evil things that just rendered all sizes similar. My hips were not their friends!

  4. You are too funny 🙂 I would never compare your elegant piece with a construction vest!! Great piece and so versatile.

  5. Tabards are evil. Primary school children are made to wear them on school trips; this makes them look like council orphans and they cook in them!

    I like your tabic! Covers up the bum on the days when you need that sort of thing. And just think: elongate a bit, add a hood and you have a Kylie Minogue-style temptress catsuit! La la la…

  6. I think your tabic is very chic! I like it!

  7. Ahh… I was wondering where you were going with this. Very clever!!!

  8. Great to wear over food stained pants or top too to get another day’s wearing…but seriously, you look great and this could have so many different applications with different fabrics.

  9. 🙂 you are such a problem solver! Love it.

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