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Kids’ Stuff


First off – I don’t sew for anyone other than myself – yeah yeah selfish…..

Secondly, I don’t do cute! I don’t gush at pictures of puppy dogs with big eyes: I can watch Bambi without weeping (thought in all honesty I did shed at tear at then end of Toy Story 3). Children with ringlet hair and freckles do nothing for me; I recognise cuteness but lack an emotional response to it: I merely glance at newborn babies and only when I have to – like when they’re relatives or something.

However, I am fortunate enough to have a niece and nephew who are at least walking and talking now, 4 and 5 respectively. Leigh loves clothes and pink and Lucas loves cars and Buzz Lightyear.

My own wardrobe is relatively full and well stocked and I was running out of ideas for desirable things to sew for selfish me. we are also at that in between time of mid-season and thinking of autumn/winter clothes; this is where having small children around turned out to be a bonus. So without much protest I took my niece to a quilting shop to choose some fabric for a skirt. I showed her a Burda magazine and she selected the skirt she wanted from the children’s section. Leigh was also very decisive about which fabric she wanted – the first one that caught her eye. I showed her hundreds of colours and patterns and she still went back to the very first one.

The lovely lady measured out 0.5m and I just looked at the meagre amount of fabric and increased the yardage immediately. I also bought a co-ordinating patterned fabric and took the last remnants of a bolt of bright pink. So well stocked up, I started tracing off the pattern pieces. Children’s clothes are soooo small!

Adding a little white cotton from the stash remnants, I was able to sew up a complete holiday wardrobe for Leigh.

145_technical_large.jpg.pngSlide1One bikini

A bikini top (her choice!)

A skirt

A pair of trousers (elongated shorts)


Two matching tops

Leigh is quite the fashion model, flicking her hair, adding a Spanish fan as a prop, hands on hips – the works. Watch out Vogue!Slide1Slide2

As an extra bonus, Leigh also got a no-pattern reversible wrap-around skirt (right): turquoise cherries on one side and fushia pink on the other. I think an adult version of this might be in order for me.

I then felt a little guilty about Lucas, who fiddled with his Transformers as Leigh did the fashion show. Teenage son had secreted about his bedroom some favourite Transformers from his time before puberty, so the two of them managed to fill 45mins or so saving the world – you can all sleep safely.  I bought a couple of McCalls patterns in their recent sale and a few half metres of ‘boy’ cotton. As it turned out, 0.5m is not enough to make a boy’s shirt so I patched things up with stash remnants and managed to sew up two shirts for him.


He needed something to wear with the shirts so he also got a pair of fine corduroy cargo pants and a camouflage T-shirt into the bargain.


A bit like a SWAP – a kid’s 4PAC.


Here’s Lucas going some commando moves in his camouflage T-shirt and then being a gentleman in his shirt.

Gosh, have I just done cute? And sewn for others?


19 thoughts on “Kids’ Stuff

  1. ‘Cuteness runs in the family’ alert!

    What a fab wardrobe for Leigh, a totally unique shirt for Lucas and a nice auntie you are too 🙂

    Cuteness aside though, isn’t it great to be able to make complete garments out of tiny snippets of fabric?

  2. You even got a boy to pose! Wow you are good. There is something very liberating/instant gratification about sewing kids clothes for me- oh, I can be even gaudier!

  3. Oh how fun. The outfits are so cute and I love a red headed kid!!!!!

  4. I love a red head, too (have one of my own). Sorry, but you can’t help love cute after seeing this group of photos, they are darling! I love how you’ve mixed fabrics for the boy.

  5. I am amazed! Not only the number of garments, but your claims of non-cuteness.
    (whisper: you made some cute clothes for some cute kids!!)

    • A small amount of fabric goes a long way when it’s not being cut for my adult size 14 Robin – cuteness belongs to the children and Leigh choose all her own patterns.

  6. Those kids make great fashion models 🙂

    Seriously sweet-looking clothes though, and practical too. Brilliant!

  7. Cute Kids! Cute outfits! Beautiful SWAPs! I haven’t sewn for little ones in ages! I have two red-head “kids”…age 21 and 15. (Still “kids” to me!)

  8. “Will wonders never cease!” as my favorite aunt used to say. You took a dip in the cute pool, and came out with some great little garments (for a couple of cuties). And now you know what you can do with your little leftovers… 🙂

  9. You said, “I merely glance at newborn babies and only when I have to…”

    You are too funny, and I love your honesty! I have a friend (who had cats but no kids) once confess that she spent more blog-reading time looking at pictures of pets than of children. Another person I know just shrugs and dismisses “other people’s kids” – although he’s a great dad to his own brood.

    The outfit sets came out great, and I’m sure the parents are really grateful, too! (Kids clothes can get expensive!)

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