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No Hawaii in front of the 5 0 today, because it really is 50 years since I was born – yesterday in fact.

I’ve had a weekend of parties and get-togethers and quiet times and fun times with friends and family starting on Friday evening and finishing with dinner last night with my boys -teenage son and DH.

So a sort of MM-weekend for your interest and feedback – suitable dressing for a 50 yr old (well actually, only 49 when most of these were taken)?


Friday – party pants as Marcy Tilton calls them for a barbecue organised by super-duper friends. Vogue 8641 which recommends moderate stretch knits only but these are made in sateen cotton with just a little lycra and they worked just fine. The red cotton top is from the same pattern which should also have been made in a knit/stretch fabric but wasn’t.



No zips, no pockets, two tubes for the legs with a rolled over waistband encasing a length of elastic. No alterations and easy make.


Saturday, hanging out with some ‘old’ girlfriends from school days – we all turned 50 this year!

Running amuck around the city centre and generally causing mayhem and chaos wherever we went – just like the old days….except we are all much more confident about who we are and what we look like.

The Pattern Company Jigsaw dress made in flowery, summery chiffon with a satin slip underneath. No waist at all in this one! Cut this version of the dress much larger than the first and it is loose and cool to wear.


Sunday, family party time. A combination meal of barbecue/dinner/high tea/birthday party  – just lots of food eaten outside in glorious sunshine and every age from 75 – 3.

Hawaii dress for church in the morning. Yes, an elastic waist stay on the inside – yikes!



Then the temperatures kept rising and the sun was shining so I changed into an infinity dress for the afternoon party.

No pattern for this just cobbled together from bits and pieces of advice I found on the internet. With sleeves and without: there really is an infinite way to wear this dress. If you’re interested in finding out more, leave a comment and if there’s enough to warrant it I’ll do a separate post in a day or two.












DSC00135Monday, birthday girl heading out for posh dinner in, what else? The latest completed Chanel jacket.

DSC00139 DSC00134

55 thoughts on “Five-Oh

  1. Magnificent styles – love those pants! And Happy Happy Birthday Ruth! PS. What a remarkable Chanel!

    • This might be the only time time I would like to be North American and work in your company because I didn’t get the special birthday cake!
      Who would you choose for me?……careful now……….!

  2. Happy Birthday! I hope I look as good and have as much style as you do at 50!
    Love the pants, so bright! Your latest Chanel jacket is stunning too, love the colour.

    • With your sewing skills what do you have to fear?
      Good skin, good love and maybe, good genes – Suzy – you’ll see 50 and well beyond. And you’ll be wearing great clothes too.

  3. You look great. I turned 56 last November and still don’t know my style. Hubby calls me an ageing hippy whilst the kids say I look a mess!!!! Love them all.

    • Evelyn – you are now old enough to live as you want not as other people want you to! Ageing hippy is one of my most favourite styles – I just didn’t know there was an official term for it. My DH is 16 yrs older than me – he’s an ageing hippy if ever I saw one!
      Sod your kids – you fed them, taught them manners and sent them to school – what more do you have to do? Time to please yourself!

  4. Happy Birthday- you are what I want my 50 to look like!!!

  5. Aren’t we lucky to live during period of time when 50 truly is fabulous?!! And you personify that fact beautifully 🙂

    • You got that right Rhonda! But nay, not me, but you!
      What amazes me most about teaching is when we think we have not made a difference at all, all of a sudden we have! That’s you!

  6. Happy Birthday! You are beautiful.

    • You know.. this is one of those moments that maybe YOU didn’t think mattered that much.
      Mary, you left comments on my fledgling blog: you supported and encouraged me right at the beginning: you are one of the originals that got me this far..
      In my eyes – You are beautiful. Thank you.

  7. Happy Birthday! The Party Pants are fantastic! I’d love to know more about the infinity dress as most of the ones I’ve seen don’t seem to have a sleeves option and I rarely want to wear anything sleeveless.

  8. Happy Birthday Ruth. Great that you had a whole weekend of all the best stuff, including good weather, friends and me makes. The summer look really suits you (but then again, so does the “posh” look and the casual drape look in the first picture) so wishing you a good few months of regular sunshine to show off!

  9. Happy birthday, Ruth!! You look great in any kind of fashion styles. The chanel jacket is fabulous as always!

  10. Happy Happy 50th Birthday! Loved your Birthday weekend look – so you and so fabulous!

  11. Happy 50th, Ruth! And Many Happy Returns! (I would love to see 50 again but it’s too far back in my rear-view mirror. LOL!) Your me-made wardrobe is fabulous and so are you.

    • Louisa – looking forward, we are always looking forward.
      The scariest, and the most wonderful, thing about life is that you’ll never know the influence you had on someone’s life…..

  12. Happy, happy birthday! You look radiant. Even more so in all those beautiful things you’ve sewn. Here’s to many more!

  13. Wow! Me too. I turned 50 yesterday as well!

  14. Many happy returns. You look great.

    And, yes please, do post more on the infinity dress when you have time.


    • I’ll do it. I think everyone should have this in their wardrobe – while you may not think this is appropriate for you when you see what can be done with it , you’ll think again.
      thanks Anne

  15. Happy Birthday. Love all your outfits but that red Hawaiin dress is TDF!

  16. Happy birthday Ruth ! What great outfits to celebrate in – the cream Chanel jacket was an especially fitting( just realised the pun !) part of such a special weekend.

  17. Happy Birthday to a Fabulous Fifty Year Old. We are much wiser, much more beautiful, and I think happier at 50 than we were in our earlier years. It’s nice to know who you are and revel in it! Love the outfits, and more jealous than every of the Chanel!

    • Lynda, I actually can’t believe how much more comfortable I am at this age – I thought I was confident when I was 18 but I’m beginning to think that was all bravado – nowadays, if your don’t see things my way – I just don’t give a sh**e! It’s SOOO refreshing not having to live and look like magazines, TV and the movies tell us. Is this feminism?

  18. Happy Birthday!! Enjoyed your post! Especially the party pants, the chiffon dress, the Hawaii dress (what’s a waist stay?) the pretty floral dress, and the Chanel jacket! Beautiful, all!!

  19. Happy birthday all your outfits look beautiful, especially your latest jacket made from the Linton Tweed if I recall

    • Yeah you and me both! We luv Linton. I’m heading towards Salisbury this July though – miles from Linton – any recommendations for north Wales or that part of England? Got money to spend……….. birthday gifts!

  20. Happy Birthday, Ruth! You look so lovely, what a fun post. I love all the color – the pants are brilliant. And your jacket…lush, gorgeous. It really is stunning, hope to get a closeup view soon. Best wishes for many more wonderful years and birthdays with friends, family, and loved ones. Coco xx

  21. Happy Happy Birthday, Ruth! 50 is a good time! I remember it well. So may this year be filled with fun and lots of fabulousness!

    • Not that long ago surely?

      • Actually, yes, it has been a while back. I tell people I’m pushing 60, I just don’t mention from which side! 😉

        PS: Leaving for London a week from today. My step daughter lives there and my Walter and I are headed for her wedding! I’m so excited. I’ve never been!

  22. Happy birthday, Ruth!! Your birthday comes just a few days after mine.. go Geminis 😉

  23. Happy belated birthday! Love your selection of colour, and that jacket is wonderful.

  24. Ruth,

    Happy Birthday, Doll! I say, if you’re celebrating 50 in a pair of NEW Party Pants, especially if you’ve worn the old pair out – then all is right with the world.

    Rock on!
    (Oh, I remember turning 50. Oh wait, do I? Was I sober? Wearing pants?)

  25. Ruth, you look beautiful in all your birthday ensembles. And of course, the white Chanel style jacket looks especially wonderful on you. Sounds as though your birthday week was just perfect.


  26. Fabulous outfits Ruth! And Happy Birthday to you! I am enjoying my 50’s, so welcome to the club

  27. Oh, let me be the 50th to wish you a Happy Happy Birthday and many, many more!
    You look fabulous and you are inspiring me in prep for mine!

    Love your latest jacket, too!

  28. Your new Linton tweed jacket is lovely. I remember you ordering the fabric & being tempted myself. A belated happy birthday for last week as well.
    No fabric recommendations for Salisbury but everyone is depressed about the availability of fabric outside of London. We (Thames Valley Off-cuts) had a wonderful trek to Goldhawk Road yesterday and spent 6 hours touring the shops (and having lunch and coffee too).

  29. Happy belated birthday Ruth; it sounds like a fantastic celebratory weekend!

    I love those party pants – so vibrant and happy – and your Chanel jacket looks just amazing. I love your style!

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