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I’ve Never Seen Star Wars….


Actually I have – every episode in fact, at least a trillion times, first time round on release and again when my son was growing up: I insisted that the original Star Wars be a part of his childhood and then episodes 1 – 3  were released – serendipity!   I posed this question to a class today “Have you all seen Star Wars?” and some of them answered “No, I’ve never seen Star Wars!”


Anne – calm down….

In the UK we also have a Radio 4 show called the same title as this post – about ‘celebrities’/people of renown etc who have never actually done what some of us think as everyday, usual things – the sort of stuff you think everyone does – like seeing Star Wars. But the radio show is also about getting these said celebrities to try out new things that they have never done before.There are lots of things – Never made a cake, Never been To Harrods, Never worn high heels (female), and so on…

So today, in a combination What Do You Think? and the new I’ve Never, I’m going to catalogue what I’ve never done in sewing terms and you can all compare notes and share what you have never done either.

1. I have never made a Sewaholic pattern – I don’t even own one.


2. I have never used a serger/overlocker.


3. I have never made a patchwork quilt or any sort of quilting.


4. I have never bought fabric from Mood!

5. I have never gathered a stash.


6. I have never made pyjamas for ANYONE!

7. For Goodbye Valentino – I’ve never made a ruffle.

What have you not done so far, in sewing or life?


19 thoughts on “I’ve Never Seen Star Wars….

  1. What fun!

    I have never:

    1. Sewn a sewaholic pattern (like you) but I do own one (not like you)
    2. Sewn a blouse, even though one of the reasons I took to sewing was the dearth of good blouses in the shops. Actually it turns out I have a blind spot about blouses and haven’t managed to find a pattern I like either.
    3. Sewn any sort of lingerie (or pyjamas) but I am envious of those who do.
    4. Managed to set in a sleeve without ripping it out at least once on the way
    5. Made trousers with a fly

  2. Great topic for a post!

    My list would have lots of elements of yours and Jane’s above (no quilts, Mood, serger, underwear, blouses).

    Two additions:

    1 I’ve never made a coat or a jacket

    2 I’ve never made jeans

    Blimey, I’m like some kind of embarrassing sewing virgin…. As my excuse, can I just say that I’m waiting for my skills to catch up my ambitions ?

  3. i can understand most of these, but NO STASH!!!!???

    • Exactly! Ruth seems like she’d be the worst offender: all those different projects! How do you exercise your restraint?!

      • Buy for a purpose Marianne, buy for a purpose. Of course sometimes the purposes don’t actually happen or are put off for a while, but I don’t have boxes and shelves and bags of fabric – just a few metres in a blanket box – not a real stash!

  4. No stash? But who would I talk to at night? What are your selfish nieces buttering you up for in the will?
    1- I’ve never smocked
    2- I’ve never made dressy pants
    3- I have never used my overlocker
    4- Never bound a buttonhole

  5. 1-Never sewn a new garment from real leather skins (but going to soon!)
    2-Never sewn an invisible zip
    3-Never sewn a blouse, made dress pants, smocked either,
    4-Never used my Ruffler foot
    5-These will all come off my “never list” over the next year I hope. (except the smocking maybe)

  6. I’m surprised about the stash too! You make such beautiful pieces that I just knew you had a secret collection stored away. I haven’t sewn or own a Sewholic pattern or any of the newer independent patterns because they don’t grade up to plus sizes. I’ve been sewing for over 40 years so there isn’t much that I haven’t attempted at least once! And I love my serger!

  7. I have never sewn a welt pocket or bound buttonholes. Too scary. 😉

  8. Oh, I love this! Well, I’m with you, no Sewaholic pattern. Hmmmm….I’m old! I’ve dabbled in just about everything and I stash like crazy if I have loose change! fabric and yarn 🙂

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