Essential sewing keeping me clothed and sane

May be May!


Spring has sprung, buds and thingys in the garden are sprouting or doing whatever it is they do – there’s more green and weeds in the garden and sometimes the sun shines and we all feel happy.

I didn’t sign up for Me-Made May – too late again! Nearly 500 have though. But I am taking part using my own Method. I haven’t bought RTW for nearly five years now although I can actually list the items I’ve purchased – Seven for All Mankind jeans, red linen trousers, black & white houndstooth Moschino trousers, a few cheap cardigans and a few T-shirts/tops – most of which were bought during sales or with discount. I have come to realise that it IS good to acknowledge that we wear own our creations.

Be proud and stand tall: hold your head up high and say “Yes, I made this! Thank you for the compliment. I don’t do commissions and I’m not going to point out that the hem is uneven or the sleeves are puckered. In fact, this garment is so precious and unique that you can’t find it in the shops”

 Yeah – that told’em

The Germans do a Me-Made-Mittwoch, which is every Wednesday (middle of the week) they wear their own sewn items. Nice. See Frau Tripmatic

Here’s an ode to alliteration – it doesn’t rhyme….. but there’s lots of MMMs

May the fourth be with you (I’m late ) and May your sewing Merit Me-Made-May in all its glory. 

We don’t Mourn the Malignant or Mortified;

We disregard the Moribund Manteaux,

We leave behind the Melancholy and Mediocracy of Mundaneness.

May we open the Magnum of our Mutual Melliferous Myriad Meanderings,

Through which we find Mementos of Metier and Mastery;

Wherein lie the Minutiae of uniqueness thereby explored and celebrated:

The Meticulous Machining and Markings; Measurements, Muslins and Modes-

Mandarin collars, Motif decorations, Macramé knots and Mitred corners

Our Mantra of  Membership – Marra is a Metonymy

Because therein lies Morning-glory, Mortality, iniMitableness and  – memorably US.

Let me present my rather humble and late contribution to Me-Made-May. The camera was set up by the kitchen door, so that on my way out each morning I’d take a picture – WYSIWYG!

Monday – Bank Holiday so off work and at home, went naked all day! LOL No pic – you’re lucky!

Tuesday: In the classroom all day trying to engage the students after a day off. Back at work in draped T-shirt black and ivory fine striped cotton jersey made from leftovers (self drafted), self altered Moschino trousers and topped with Rive Gauche jacket.


Wednesday – Classroom all morning, admin in the afternoon. Rachel Comey chiffon top, Vogue1247, underneath Vogue 8804 Chanel jacket and Seven for All Mankind Jeans.Image

Thursday – Full day classroom. Roman Holiday shirt in white cotton broderie anglais worn with Vogue 8751 (not blogged but same pattern) in black loose weave black wooland topped with a Diesel denim jacket (found recently in the attic) and a grey/white cotton scarf.Image

Friday – Taking students to the law courts for a day out, so dressed up a bit: gym slip navy wool crepe dress, Vogue 8751 underneath Swap raincoat, with Hermes scarf as accent. Image

Hope you enjoyed my week. I did.

My job is educating; my job is teaching; my job is standing up and talking; my job is encouraging others; my job is a performance even when I want to be still and silent; my job is making the boring interesting; my job is recognising potential and making other see it too; my job is presenting opportunities; my job is to offer experience; my job is giving people a second chance; my job is offering hope; my job is inspiring, funny, heart wrenching, emotional, my job is fun.

I love my job and I like wearing what I make.

Thanks to Zoe for initiating this wonderful idea.

Me-Made-May has been so much more than showcasing what I made and wearing it, but what this does for me, and what I (hopefully) do for others too.

Small cogs, folks, small cogs. We each have our part to play….

I’d be really interested in your small cog stories – serendipity/ fate/ planned / coincidence – I believe you have all played a part in someone’s life, whether you know it or not.


12 thoughts on “May be May!

  1. Very nice! I’m always too busy to think about things like this until summer hits. But I love your sense of style!

  2. Thanks, Ruth! (For the comment on my blog) That incident actually happened a couple of years ago. But health care in American is outstanding, if you have the insurance or money to pay. I am currently paying a very scary amount per month ($720.88) for health care coverage that covers not much. I’m also having major surgery in 10 days. I have already paid my deductible ($2500) just in pre-op testing.

    There is such a huge controversy regarding mandatory insurance (Obamacare). Who knows how it will end up.

  3. No Chris! You think about this always..summer gives you the reason to express it. Really hope you are feeling better.

    • Hey, Ruth! I did a conversion. That works out to $176.65 in USD. What I pay is $720.88 per month, which works out to 469.31 GBP. That has a $2500 deductible which I have to pay before the insurance kicks in. Then it only pays 70% of COVERED costs. And no dental or vision coverage.

      You’re right, health care in America is first and foremost for profit.

  4. I don’t think I’m a cog in anyone’s realm. More sand in the vaseline, is me. All your outfits are Fab. That Chanel number is a stunner.

    Rock on,

  5. We need to make you the poster child to prove just how wonderful one can look in their own creations:)

  6. What a wonderful post Ruth. I thinkmyou look very stylish in all your outfits but your RG jacket is my favourite – I laugh eachbtime I think of you in that shop queue! 🙂

  7. Ah Ruth there are bits of the job I miss so much…. The bits you mention, those were the good bits. Never matched your clothing style of course! 🙂 LOL

  8. I’ve been so depressed about my job lately that it is great to hear that you love yours. Reminds me there are options. Plus you look great in all your outfits, and not just because of your great attitude. Friday’s is my favorite, you look fantastic in that gym slip dress and raincoat!

  9. Love that Thursday Outfit Ruth. – As for a cog? You sound so inspirational! What a lovely paragraph. Rock on. This is a great blog site Ruth. I updated to this new site.

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