Essential sewing keeping me clothed and sane



Good for you – you found the new me!

You may have come from Sewruth or you may be new – regardless – I hope we’ll have a very happy future together as we go through my sewing successes and failures and have a few laughs along the way.


I’m making a summer version of a Chanel jacket – buttermilk coloured Linton tweed with an ivory silk lining.It’s Claire Schaeffer’s Vogue couture pattern,


so I may be some time…….

28 thoughts on “Hello

  1. Found you easily!!! Fabric for this jacket sounds delicious…can’t wait to see it whipped up … J

  2. Ruth,
    Gorgeous fabric. Fabulous project. Marvy new blog. All very swank. Remember to consume plenty of of French pastries to fortify you while immersed in Schaeffer Chaneldom. Gotta keep your strength up!


  3. Sorry to hear about all of your lost photos, and glad to see you are persevering with blogging. I’ll follow you here!

  4. Well, looks like you will have another fabulous jacket.

    What made you move to WordPress? Just the photo issue or do you like the platform better?

    • I’ve been toying with WordPress for a while now which is just as well as the deleted photos were already imported here. So between the deleted photos and I think many more options available in wordpress – it was time to jump.

  5. will look beautiful – look forward to seeing it.

  6. Ah….. this is nice. My Notebook computer found SewRuth less user friendly (ie some sideways scrolling required!)

  7. hello,yes i found you,i was afraid to lost a nice friend like you…i hope folow you as well!

  8. Hi there…have fun with the jacket, I know you will be hand sewing for a while. Should be lovely on you, wonderful color.

  9. Nice new look! Here’s to a new beginning!

  10. Welcome to WordPress, Ruth! Soon you will have inspired me to venture into tailoring.. especially if French pastries are essential snackage.

  11. Hello, Ruth! I found you too. I like this new look a lot! I look forward to seeing the jacket. Have a nice sewing time:)

  12. I found you and of course I will keep following you. 🙂

  13. Ah Ruth- you have such a great attitude- you’re the 3rd blogger I know of that lost content due to Google+ snafus. I’m sorry you lost your pictures, but you have made a great new website/blog. And a great place to showcase your sew awesome creations.

  14. Actually I found you the other day but didn’t have time to comment. Good luck with your “new” blog! I will be reading with gusto!

  15. OK, I got here! Subscribed and ready for more inspiration and laughs. Can’t wait to see you modelling your new Chanel jacket. Go Ruth!

  16. Hy Ruth,
    I set a link from here to our new german blog “Das Chanel-Projekt”. We ‘ ll collect impotant informations about sewing Chanel jackets and present projekts of one’ s own. Your prozess of sewing a dress and a jacket are helpfully.

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