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Waist not…..


It almost wasn’t made: the fabric is a fine checked wool and I thought, wool – I’ll never get my wear out of that at this time of year! Ha! Mother Nature had other things in mind and has insisted on keeping winter around for a lot longer than usual. So I stuck to the original plan and made another pair of trousers for Kate and her SWAP ’13. The fabric came from Maggie’s Fab Fabrics and was an end of roll – about 2.2m. When it’s gone, it’s gone. It has a navy/cream/beige/white check – perfect for my Hepburn colours and navy always looks well in early spring-time.

The trousers are exactly the same as the first suit so with no alterations and a TNT pattern, I can sew these blindfolded now. But with the little bit of left over fabric I made a matching waistcoat.  It was one of those times when there’s too much left to throw out but not really enough to keep. As there was no more fabric where this came from I endeavoured to make good use of the remnant.

McCalls M5887 and was purchased as part of their 99c OOP pattern sale around about Christmas 2012 – I certainly have had my money’s worth from that little stash.

All the waistcoats in this pattern are lined and fitted apart from E. I made view A but didn’t have enough fabric for the whole waistcoat – so the back is completed in the same lining as the trousers. I also added a self tie at the back partly to co-ordinate with the trousers and the front and partly to create a bit more shape. Sometimes waistcoats can go ‘boxy’ and I need a waist. View A is also quite short but the high waist on the trousers compensates well and the two meet in the middle. 
This waistcoat with anything lower might look like it’s too small.

The buttons were salvaged from some old RTW – three for the trousers and three for the waistcoat and when they are neatly lined up there’s a nice straight line of buttons.

The main benefits of SWAP is you don’t have to change the thread in your machine and the other is the mixing and matching that can be done afterwards.

There’s just something about a waistcoat………

33 thoughts on “Waist not…..

  1. Really classy Ruth… I especially like the waistcoat with the lighter trousers. And the wee bow on the back is a great touch… 🙂

  2. Beautiful ! All your makes look so professional – its really inspiring.

  3. You are doing such a wonderful job on this wardrobe. Really professional results!

  4. lovely set Kate (I mean Ruth) getting confused between the two of you. Such care and attention is given to your sewing beautiful.

  5. I love it, Ruth!! Can't wait to see your whole SWAP wardrobe put together as a collection.

  6. Beautifully done. You do such lovely, lovely craftsmanship. Digging the Kate channelling most completely!Coco

  7. It looks fantastic! Love the vest

  8. Thanks Sally. Love your hat BTW.

  9. Thank you Wendy. I've personally been inspired by so many others that I hope to return to favour.

  10. Oh Mary, from a distance, from a distance….. but thanks anyway, much appreciated.

  11. Isn't it amazing how I morphed from Audrey into Kate? Get back to your sewing and stop reading blogs!

  12. Kayotic we are all awaiting that day……

  13. Wow thanks Coco Savage.

  14. You say tomato I say tomato , let's call the whole thing a waistcoat! Thanks Suzy – means a lot to me that you found the time to comment.

  15. Well, I will say 'tomato' along with Suzy – love the vest!!! Just love how you add the beautiful surprise features to it – the whole outfit is a credit to you (as per usual) … J

  16. Great grouping Ruth. I would wear every piece. Love it all!

  17. You've certainly used your brains and your talents towards a fantastic SWAP. Love it all, and it goes together so well. Vest or waistcoat, it's great, and good save using your lining for the back.

  18. Everything looks so good…I love that the pieces coordinate with each other…so enjoy looking at your collection and reading your thoughts!

  19. Don't forget that you can wear a vest for a rock chick look too.

  20. Hello Ruth – I do love your style immensely – and you make everything so nicely. The waistcoat is lovely – and I agree, we all need to give ourselves a waist. Love the old pictures of "Annie Hall" (Diane Keaton) – except she looks so young now.

  21. The Annie Hall look suits you! What a great idea. And sadly, so useful in the UK right now with the coldest Spring in 50 years!

  22. Well done! The matching trouser+waistcoat makes you look even taller and slimmer. And I'm always amazed at your ability to use every bit of fabric. Useful to keep you from ever building a stash, I need to learn that lesson!

  23. That is one sexy outfit! Go get them!

  24. Thanks Judith – much appreciated

  25. Thank you Rhonda – our styles are a little bit similar but you can carry your's off better.

  26. Lynda, sometimes it's not the mental ability but whatever's on hand to get things completed.

  27. I suppose that's what a SWAP is about. This is my first one and I'll admit, I've found it a little tiresome at times. I like to make whatever pops into my head at the time

  28. Oh Velosewer, I think my days of rock chick are long gone – my neck muscles can no longer take the strain of all that head-banging – but thanks for the idea!

  29. Why thank you Sarah – I guess we've all aged – even movie stars!

  30. You are so right there Karin – it's still freezing here. I'm surprised at how many people remember (know) Annie Hall. It just shows you what an icon she has become.

  31. I don't have a stash Lucia. The Americans almost made me start one but personally I just can't justify buying stuff without a designated purpose. Added to which I don't have the space to keep it! Thanks for stopping by.

  32. Yeah – see that's what I mean about a waistcoat – feminised-masculine! A new style?

  33. I just love how you combine a little retro, a little class ands a little girlish playfulness. Lovely as always!

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