Essential sewing keeping me clothed and sane

What’s Better than….?


A white shirt……

With statement buttons….
Made in pristine Oxford cotton from Vogue Very (very) Easy 8708 – OOP and only minor modifications.
And dark blue tailor tacks sewn into the collar!!!!!!!

But is part of SWAP ’13 and the first for Kate.
Long enough to hid the behind but shirt-tailed to look tailored when worn loose.
Trousers are also sewn for Kate and will be publicised soon when I have another shirt to match completed. 

24 thoughts on “What’s Better than….?

  1. I like this shirt a lot! I'm always looking for nice woven tops (they are the hardest for me to find RTW) I may have to go hunt for this pattern to try!

  2. P.S. This isn't a pattern I would have picked had I been browsing through the site – but seeing it made up – I'm sold 😉

  3. I so love white shirts and this one is fabulous. I truly think no one can have too many. Looking forward to hearing about the pants.

  4. That fabric is Gorgeous! Where'd you get it? And isn't it wonderful to find the perfect white shirt!Coco

  5. Nothing is better than a crisp white shirt!Yours looks fantastic. I love the collar on yours. Now, if only the weather would warm up a little so you could wear it!

  6. nice looking shirt – what a pain with the blue tacks (hope you got them out). Love the buttons and what a pose!!!!!!

  7. Dont know which I like better – the shirt or the post!! Both are fantastic, Ruth!

  8. Gorgeous, so white and smooth looking. You and Kate are quite the pair.

  9. I really like the way you show your clothes. It looks smashing.

  10. Sooooooo glamourous! I love your work!!Caffy Bundana x

  11. A white shirt can take you so many places. It's always a crisp, clean look. Very nice.

  12. That blouse looks as though it will be great fun to wear–with loose pants for the 40s look or with leggings or skinny pants for a more updated look. Either way you've got a winner there.

  13. A white cotton shirt is unbeatable ! Love those buttons.Janice.

  14. You know, this is my perfect idea of being impeccably dressed! Well done, you!

  15. White shirts are one of most useful garments and they never go out of fashion. The shirt looks great on you! The buttons are nice too!

  16. Oooh, you look wonderful on that B&W photo. And I looove the buttons, great touch.

  17. Such a striking white shirt – love it!

  18. I have collar envy- so perfect!

  19. Love your copy poses. So cute. Great shirt!

  20. Thank you everyone for your encouraging and complimentary comments – I appreciate every one.

  21. Coco, the fabric came from Croftsmill, but I think it's sold out now and I'm not surprised. I would have liked a few more metres myself!

  22. I agree Shawn – I bought the pattern in a Vogue sale but it has turned out well. Always look at the line drawings, not the pictures, is my motto.

  23. If I get through breakfast without a stain – that's a good day for me!

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