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Bag o’ Linton!


With my recent order from Linton Tweeds I also received a little package of fabric samples. Believe me I was tempted, but so far have resisted. I remembered that I had ordered some samples from them a few years ago and rummaged around the various drawers and cupboards to find the brown envelope that contained the precious tweeds.

Each sample package contains the very special tweeds and boucles they make for the big design houses along with plain dyed wool crepes to match.

I laid out all the samples on the sewing table and came to the quite realistic conclusion that this would make a fab patchwork. I started sewing them together.

I am the first to admit that patchwork is not an interest nor a passion of mine, and added to the fact that each sample was a slightly different size, fabric content and weight, did not allow for an easy project. But heck, when has that ever stopped me?

Once sewed together I had the dilemma of what to make from the cloth. Cushion covers were an obvious choice but I knew DH would not approve – he’s very particular about home decor! But it was too good to not use.

I searched the internet for ideas and settled on a handbag. Most of the sites were the traditional quilting methods etc, but not to be put off by quilters’ precision and colour matching skills I selected this free bag – I love hand drawn patterns.

Thanks so much Melissa and though this bag was released in 2006 – it still has a place in today’s world.

Melissa’s tutorial has pictures and sketches and finished product – just what you want, when you don’t know what you’re doing.

My version is a little different from Melissa’s original but pays homage to her pattern. As such I haven’t created a photo tutorial  of my process but hopefully you will see how it developed.

I dug out some fine cerise pink wool that has been hanging around for about 20 yrs. It’s leftovers and not enough to make a garment from- about 1/2 m but too good to throw away. This project was perfect for using it up.

This is the bag lining with inside pockets for phone and other stuff.

Because the Linton tweed is loosely woven and liable to stretch, I added a wide grosgrain ribbon in the shoulder strap to try and keep the shape and length.

Eventually, all fell into place.

I created an outside welt pocket with a old jeans zip as closure to hold keys and the like. I made the welt too big and had to pad it out with more Linton wool crepe. Live and learn…..

For security I sewed a 18″ bright pink zip to close the bag entirely. I have no idea what a bright pink 18″ zip was doing in my notions drawer – obviously the fairies put it there ’cause I didn’t.

Those lovely people at Linton’s also sent a keyring with the recent order and I’ve used this as a ring pull on the zip – Linton fabrics with a Linton badge!

When I turn the bag around there’s a slightly different colour variation.

What I like best is the idea that some people in the world are walking around with thousands of pounds (dollars /  Euro) worth of clothes made from these fabrics and I’ve got a freebie patchwork bag made from the same stuff – ain’t life fair sometimes?

13 thoughts on “Bag o’ Linton!

  1. Great looking bag. What an excellent way to use up those sample squares. I had some sample of Linton tweeds once – buy my samples were minute!

  2. Wow! Fantastic. I would have never though of making a bag with all those samples! Very clever!

  3. Wow! What a great way to use all those great samples! Very nice indeed!

  4. great use of the samples – I got one of their anniversary keyrings when I purchased some fabric from them last year perhaps you have given me an idea on what to use it for now.

  5. Free, well, sort of free samples, recycling, a fashionable bag, what could be better?!!!

  6. How lovely! I would be running my fingers over the various textures all day long.:-)

  7. How fun! I love that you did this- they should sell then and call them by their collection name- Spring 2013….

  8. This is just brilliant use of those little squares – very clever 'out-of-the-box' thinking!!!

  9. How did I miss this! Love this project Ruth….. and the pink lining is perfect! 🙂

  10. I may make a patchwork pillow from the samples I got.

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