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Brown paper parcels….


WORK: talked all day: dealt with idiots in suits: the high heels are killing your calves but you won’t admit it: the perfect morning make-up has long since worn off: battled with rush-hour traffic: you’re tired, fed-up, glad to be home but the dregs of the day cling to your head like cobwebs – and you open the door to see brown paper parcels tied up with string – this is one of my favourite things!

Kick the shoes off, slip out of the coat, sit down with coffee, scissors and anticipation.

First up, a swap from Prttynpnk, all the way from the U S of A. I bagged the red cotton in a free swap, meanwhile I sent a blue paisley to Juliet in New Zealand as payment.

This photo does not do justice to the delectable red cotton – it is soft to touch and vibrant in colour. But this was a bonus package containing not just the expected fabric, but a super-duper vintage pattern that might just make SWAP for Katherine, loads of individual shell/wood buttons, note-paper and a greetings card!

Mmmmm, I even forgot to put a note to Juliet in my package, though I did e-mail instead. But there’s something personal in a hand written card, and Anne, I really appreciate the time you took to put this package together – I won’t let you down.

The other package came from Linton Tweeds, no less, supplier to Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and the like. I can’t get my sewing together at the moment, so when in doubt, go internet shopping.

And you just know I’ll look like this when it’s done!!!!

Lucie de la Falaise

Now call me foolish, call me a glutton, I may even be accused of avarice, but sloth, I am not. Two absolutely delicious metres of cream & white boucle for a summer version of a Chanel jacket. And what’s even better Anne’s timely buttons might just find a home on it. All I need is lining and 100 hours of sewing time!

I’m suffering from ‘in between-season-itis” at the moment; too cold for spring wear and too late for winter, I expect all you who live in the northern hemisphere are experiencing the same illness. At the weekend to fill the void I thought I’d try my hand at lingerie – again!

The first time last summer wasn’t so successful and all of Saturday morning’s efforts merited a dump in the bin. I had downloaded a PDF from Melissa of FehrTrade about a month ago, primarily because is was free but with the remote idea that I might actually make the Lacy Thong. Yep, you heard that right, a Lacy Thong!

Well things were going so badly in the sewing room with the bra and the panties that I thought I may as well give the thong a go – I mean I hadn’t actually produced anything worthwhile so there was nothing to lose. I shall now give you a little bit of advice – download this pattern now!

If you make lingerie, even if you don’t, make this.

Two lacy thongs and a pair of granny knickers behind.

Easy, straightforward and nothing complicated. You need stretch lace, a bit of knicker elastic, something stretchy for the middle bits, an old T-shirt for gusset lining, and half an hour of your time. Perfect.

Do not be put off by the ‘thong’ description, these are substantial thongs – no string riding up you know where – comfortable and secure, and I can guarantee they do not do the disappearing act as the day wears on.

With such a success in the knicker area my confidence returned and I managed to make a matching bra and have now moved on to dig out all stretch fabric scraps to make more thongs. Kudos to Melissa who gave me back my sewing mojo and the will to try and try again.

I must get back to SWAP 13, Audrey is well and truly shod but poor Katherine languishes naked in the sidelines.


12 thoughts on “Brown paper parcels….

  1. Someone must have handed out stupid pills to all the suits today, I had the exact same experience here on the other side of the pond!

  2. Those are some pretty special under things!!! Regardless of how tacky I may look on the outside, I like knowing that there is something pretty on the inside. The next time someone gives you a hard time, smile to yourself and take comfort in knowing that you are wearing something drop dead sexy and they'll never know!

  3. Oh, the pressure…

  4. Oh that Linton Tweed fabric is wonderful but I have TWO lengths that I haven't touched!

  5. love the Linton Tweed, having sewing with it twice now you will be delighted – FYI I backed mine with a light interfacing on the back and front pieces and the various parts of the sleeve.I love all the Hepburn looks – I dream of wearing cropped skinny pants when I lose all my weight.

  6. They all rise to the level of their incompetence!

  7. You never look tacky – ever!

  8. I'm off to lie down in a darkened room…..

  9. Touch it, cut it sew it, wear it

  10. Thanks for the interfacing tip – I'll do a test run.

  11. Now why didn't I think of that? What a great idea: a white Chanel jacket for summer! I think I might just copy your idea. Oh, don't worry, with my usual pace and lack of focus I won't get to it for another three years 🙂 Can't wait to see how your turns out!

  12. Want a race? With my current schedule it'll be next summer before this jacket is on my back!

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