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Mosch, Me and Aud


Having reviewed a lot of photos of Moschino trousers I am strongly of the opinion that they are designed to fit badly in and around the crotch area.

So I didn’t feel too bad when I made my alterations to the £310’s worth of recently purchased Moschino pants.

The waist was too big by about 1 1/2″, and the bum was saggy along with wrinkles around the crotch. I promptly took ripper and scissors to the trousers in an attempt to get a better fit.

Mrs Mole would be proud of me. The back seam was ripped out to crotch and the waistband cut in two. I re-sewed the centre back seam taking in almost 1″ on either side, cut this off the waistband and made a centre back seam. Stitched the belt carrier over this seam, re-stitched the waistband down, sewed the label back on and Bob’s your uncle – a pair of relatively well fitting Moschino pants.

I managed to keep a few wrinkles (in keeping with the Moschino fit) but overall, a much better pair of trousers with no gaping at the waist. There are a few extra wrinkles that, to be honest, if I was making these myself from scratch, I would not be happy with. Another reminder of why we make and don’t buy.

The shirt is my take on Audrey Hepburn’s from Roman Holiday for SWAP 13. I had to ditch the Chanel jacket from the collection as it is a jacket and not allowed as a top and I had to find a replacement. I need white shirts/blouses, so this seemed a good option.

 I started with McCalls 6068 (OOP) but as you can see is it unfitted. It’s a great little basic shirt pattern with easy collar, cuffs and the two-piece sleeves make for an easy vent too.

With the shirt pieces pinned onto Doris I set about adding darts – two in the back, one in each front and bust darts for shaping. I removed the cuffs and shortened the sleeves to elbow length. The fabric is a white cotton broiderie anglaise that I rediscovered in the attic recently. I bought this in London almost 25 years ago!

With the little bits of leftovers I made a little necktie – mostly to cover up my poor sewing at the collar.

It wasn’t all plain sailing however. It was difficult to tell right side from wrong side with the fabric and I ended up making two left sleeves. Nice little reminder to not be so cocky.

 The shirt is long enough to cover the backside when worn loose or tie at the waist for a 1950s look and still be fitted enough to tuck in without acres of shirt tails bunching up inside the trousers.

Me and Audrey are becoming really good mates – here’s us playing cards and shooting the breeze in our pristine white shirts.


15 thoughts on “Mosch, Me and Aud

  1. A fantastic new look, bravo!! I feel like it's summer already! And as for collars or cocky mistakes: I so empathise! Today I cut a back skirt pattern and added the kick pleat extensions to the side seams. Good grief!

  2. I spend so much time looking at the right/wrong side also left/right and up/down! Spatially challenged? Of course I am, I can't find my way out of a building I just went into. Anyway you've made a great job on those trousers.The blouse is lovely too.

  3. It's so nice to read your posts. 🙂 You have done a lovely white blouse.

  4. The trousers are well fitted onto your waist. Good work! I always mark "FRONT" with basing thread to the sleeves try not to make a mistake:)

  5. well done on the alterations (my nightmare job) and the pants look great with the blouse

  6. I figure that if I can't tell the right side from the wrong side close up under lights then the man in the street won't know either – but two left sleeves???

  7. thanks Mulliga – I need to make a few more, the ones in the wardrobe are distinctly grey.

  8. Think I'll use that tip in future, too much time spent ripping out these days instead of sewing.

  9. Thanks Pauline, I hate alterations too but at sale price the trousers were too good to pass on. Having done it once now, I know it's manageable.

  10. Creative altering M'lady! It's like when I tell clients we just remove what we don't like and keep what we do like. It is amazing that sometimes center back altering works best and sometimes it is the side seams…you never know but girl…You have the power!

  11. I just kept thinking that I was so like one of your clients – "I bought these even thought they don't fit but they were in the sale!"

  12. Goh, you look fantastic in the re-fitted Moschino pants! I wish I too had long skinny legs, you lucky girl! And 80% off you said? Shrewd buy! Nice to know we sewists can pick up "almost right" RTW and turn it into "perfect", no? And about those two left sleeves… yeah, I've done that too… sigh!

  13. Love it!!! Mrs. Mole is proud I'm sure!

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