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Back to Basics


After my foray into the wild and untamed world of animal print clothing (I suspect Prttynpnk has developed a worldwide sewing-manipulation ray gun and has stashed said weapon thereabouts in her sewing room) AND she managed to make me part with a loved but unused 2m of fabric, I happily returned to normal life and sewing without prints of any kind. Interestingly I noticed, when constructing a garment in a plain fabric – every mistake shows up a hundredfold, so precision and accuracy is crucial. Is this the attraction of wild prints? Hiding the flaws? No judgement – just an observation…..I’ve been there.
I focused attention and effort to sewing for my SWAP 13. Still on the Audrey side of my Hepburn collection I went for the simplest, but not the the easiest of makes: a good old draped neck blouse, reminiscent of the Givenchy blouse I used as inspiration. I’m on a pattern diet (fast) at the moment so dug out my TNT Paco draped top
What could go wrong? A perfectly drafted pattern, made so many times in so many fabrics. And fits my requirements for the SWAP perfectly.
See that point at the centre front? Curses upon you……perfect point!
I actually reverted to my own advice to make this point razor sharp: and to my amazement – it worked!

The inside is a bit messy, what with all the marker pen lines and having to use a white fusible interfacing as it was the only colour I had, but the end result on the outside is fine.

Separated at birth? (BTW Audrey’s the one on the right, just in case you were wondering)


36 thoughts on “Back to Basics

  1. How wonderful/ I really do need to start investing in Paco's patterns…

  2. love that top and the colour is great

  3. That is such a beautiful fabric and I love how the neckline drapes. I'd passed over Paco's patterns before but I really like your top! Does the point add any shaping or is it just a design feature?

  4. You are too funny. Love the top.

  5. What fun! Love the top and the pics!

  6. Top: great; point join: perfect; channeling Audrey: priceless!

  7. Wonderful! and very innovative with the center point.

  8. glad you explained which one was which I was getting confused who was Audrey – nice top

  9. You're the one in the black hat, right? This is beautiful!

  10. It's a great top and will play so well with it's fellow SWAP members!

  11. How lovely! The pattern looks very clever – off I go to investigate!

  12. Very nice rendition of the top – loving following your progress on the SWAP.Jacs

  13. Thanks Linda. You're right, navy satin is classy.

  14. Suzy, the point is very important to the overall shape. I made a cotton version once without the point (just matching up the front pattern pieces for cutting) but the result was a shapeless box. Don't know how he does it but that V is vital. Thanks

  15. Stay tuned for an alternative to your Burda batwing……

  16. Thanks Rhonda. I had fun looking for the pics too.

  17. Thanks Linda – mind you that point was sewn about three times

  18. Makes a drape top just a little bit different

  19. I know people stop in the street all the time

  20. It's hard to tell isn't it – I mean we are SO alike – LOL

  21. Here's hoping Carolyn. Thank you

  22. I know of just the most perfect paisley fabric that would drape for this neckline.

  23. Thanks Jacs, must keep the motivation up.

  24. Classic. Elegant. And never out of style.

  25. It's beautiful! I love Paco's designs.

  26. Very cute and exceedingly classy!

  27. Ruth, Ruth, Ruth – your'e hilarious! Thank you for the picture clarification. The top is wonderful , BTW.

  28. Thanks Gwen, it's easy to wear as well.

  29. Thank you Tia – Paco's designs are classics.

  30. Hi Lorraine, thank you.

  31. Just had to make sure you knew who was who.

  32. You look fabulous! Great choice of fabric for that top, makes me want to touch it (don't worry, I'll refrain 🙂

  33. I agree! Exceedingly classy! PS: will be in London next summer for a week! Cannot wait!

  34. Nice job on the point. I really should buy this pattern

  35. What a magnificent top. I LOVE the fabric. Unfortunatley on me it would just look like a pork roast wrapped in foil. On you it looks classy – spectacular!

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