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swap (in small letters)


I think I might just have got the idea behind this and what to do about it… just give me a minute – still getting to grips with Pinterest and what it offers.

That devious and manipulating minx of Prttynpnk has had me at it again, good grief, first animal prints and now just handing stuff over to complete strangers – whatever will she think of next?

Please correct me if I’m way off track here, but I think…… you take something from your stash, reserves of fabric and notion cupboard, etc  that you know for sure you personally will never use, however gorgeous it is. And let’s face it we have nothing in our homes that we believe to be beautiful or know to be useful…

You go to Pinterest and stick up your beautiful item. Folks can then peruse at their leisure the goodies on offer (free). Agree a swap and deal done. Here’s my meagre Pinterest board – I don’t have a stash – sorry, I know that’s a disappointment to most of you but there you are – I Purchase for A Purpose – PAP.

At first I thought Pinterest was Pint rest and couldn’t quite figure out the relevance! LOL
Sometimes I love being old ’cause I can make statements like this – ha ha

So I’m offering this:
2m of paisley printed poly.
150cm wide, drapes beautifully.

Black background, turquoise, light blue, royal blue and pale blue swirls with a bit of white for highlight.

It was purchased for another SWAP (big letters) but doesn’t really fit in with the plan. Breaks my heart but there you go – I’d rather this went to an appreciative home rather than languishing in my fabric box.

And if you get it, please show me what you make.


5 thoughts on “swap (in small letters)

  1. Oh my gosh I adore this! Going to see if I have anything swappable for this!

  2. Done! Send me your postal address Juliet.

  3. Yay! Now you have more room…for more fabric!

  4. Really?! Are you after anything in exchange?? It is a swap, after all!

  5. Yes, really. I have fabric from Prttynpnk so that's my swap. I think you put up your items on Prttynpnk's Pin board and someone will pick from there. We're swapping all over the place

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