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More than a Dress


The matching dress for the Chanel jacket is completed. What’s brilliant about this dress is that it can be skirt and a pinafore too. Watch and be amazed….

Dress on its own = dress

blouse worn on top = skirt

Dress with jacket = suit

I made a matching belt, using two leftover buttons as a buckle. Just measure your waist and add a few inches for overlap: cut some interfacing to size to stabilise the fabric; mark buttonhole placement so that you can breathe comfortably: make button holes and sew on buttons.

Dress with shirt underneath = pinafore

Isn’t that brilliant?
The pattern for the dress is Vogue Vintage V1137 (and as I write this Vogue are having a 48 hour $4.99 sale on all vintage patterns). This is the dress that goes with the opera coat.

No real major alterations done except that I lined the whole dress whereas the pattern only calls for the bodice to be lined. Seemed a bit silly to me to line half a dress. I didn’t add the pockets.

There’s a pretty little V at the back too but the shoulders do lie right on the edge of the natural shoulder and so ribbons to hold bra straps may be in order. Because the tweedy-boucle fabric was a bit bulky I sewed the zip in by hand. It’s not invisible, but then the pattern doesn’t call for an invisible zip – it being 1950 and all that.

SWAP ’13 item number 2 from Audrey completed.

Was that a leopard I hear roaring?


45 thoughts on “More than a Dress

  1. This entire collection is outstanding! Great and beautiful work. You could pack just these items for a trip and be ready for anything!

  2. So versatile and it looks fantastic on you! I really like it as the jumper with a shirt underneath.

  3. Very good looking and love the belt.

  4. Ladylike, sassy, wonderful. I love these so much!

  5. Gorgeous! Gosh, you do beautiful work.

  6. what a beautifully made and versatile dress! I love it. You are a real inspiration

  7. Great dress – and outfits! I really like the pinafore look, classic. Roaring? can't wait!

  8. Oh my. I would have such a hard time choosing how to wear this gorgeous dress. It's superb.I look forward to your next piece.

  9. That's very versatile. And pretty. I like the sparkley fabric.

  10. Great styling ideas! Love all the looks. That dress and jacket are TDF!

  11. Lovely! Now you need to take a trip as all you'll need to take is your dress, jacket and two blouses. You could go a week with just these few pieces. Lovely, lovely!

  12. Gorgeous dress – and so versatile! It looks great on you!

  13. I really like the dress on you, and the fabric is lovely.

  14. Brilliant! Now I want to make that dress and that jacket too.

  15. Very versatile. I love it with the white shirt. You did a great job on the zip, btw. I actually zoomed in to check 🙂

  16. Wow impressive and beautiful

  17. You've gone and done it again ! I LOVE the placement of the buttons on the belt and how it complements the buttons on the jacket. The dress and the jacket go together so well , but I love all the looks that you've created. Inspiring work.Janice.

  18. Good idea – where to go?

  19. Roaring is waaay outside my style comfort zone… we'll see.

  20. Oh no pressure then? Simple, I think.

  21. They are (will be) my funeral clothes!

  22. Ah the problem of technology. It looked OK to me without my glasses on so that's good to know – thanks

  23. Now really Pauline – it's the model underneath! Not the clothes! LOL

  24. Thanks Suzy – too warm for you at the moment though

  25. Thank you Lisa. Thanks too for stopping by and reading

  26. Not a spot or stripe in sight either! Just goes to show you. Thanks Anne

  27. Thanks Coco – my work is definitely put in the shade in comparison to yours. Gorgeous back at you.

  28. Nay Alison – you are inspirational – you do everything!

  29. Not my usual choice of fabric Gwen but I like it too. Thanks

  30. But Rhonda I need shoes, shoes shoes and a bag

  31. Thanks for that – means a lot to me.

  32. Your own Chanel is pretty darn good. Thanks Starry

  33. Easy belt Janice – no buckle to bother about and uses up some leftover fabric as well.Thanks

  34. Hi there Ruth,I am really enjoying your blog, as a newbie to your site.Love the dress with the chanel jacket……………..shame the jacket I am making is for my daughter and not me! Have checked my stash and I have the pattern, so can't wait to make the dress for her as well. My turn after that maybe??Thank you so much for the inspiration.

  35. Thank you so much Mary for stopping by and reading. You deserve this jacket.

  36. The dress is useful! Any style looks really gorgeous!!

  37. I'll have to make it in another, less sparkly fabric, I think

  38. What a fabulous dress and jacket. Love all your outfits. Well done!

  39. The dress looks lovely with the matching Chanel jacket, but is wonderful that it can be worn in so many other ways.

  40. Very beautiful Ruth and versatile. I can see that I need that Vogue pattern. Your parcel turned up yesterday and the fabric is beautiful as yet nothing planned for it but watch this space. Once again many thanks for the material!!.

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