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Sow’s Ear..


Holiday Clothes Part 2

 I’m noticing a trend in my end of year sewing behaviour. I seem to make some really Way Out There outfits at the end of every year. Last year it was the Yeti coat and black pleather Clovers – this year is it everything that I do not do – sleeveless, black from head to toe, and glamorous!

My very dear friends and I have developed a tradition of going to one or others’ houses on New Year’s Eve. It started a long time ago when the children were small and going out to celebrate was difficult to arrange – baby-sitters, taxis home etc. So we partied one year in one house and have rotated ever since. I have a year off this year. Now that the ‘children’ are taller than us we thought of going out this year but opted instead for a glam night in. Black tie is obligatory, so evening gowns are the essential partners.

It has been years since I attended a gala dinner, a May Ball or other some such really glamorous evening out and so I HAD NOTHING TO WEAR!

As I really don’t dress like this very often I was loath to spend tonnes of money on fabric and hours of effort sewing for something that would only get one airing. I was also not prepared to trawl the shops, trying on and finding faults, for a one-off outfit. I went to the the small (and dilapidated) other local fabric shop and bought 4m of this mega cheap black poly satin. While this little black outfit is not exactly a silk purse – the sow’s ear of fabric turned out well enough to wear for one night.
This is a two piece outfit – blouse and skirt.
The patterns are:

Blouse – Kwik Sew KS 3782

Skirt – Vogue Chado ralph rucci V1310:

 I’ve made both before – skirt here and blouse(s) here and what’s best is that neither require any additional fastenings or notions. The blouse pulls on over the head and the skirt is held up by knotting it – no zips, buttons, hooks and eyes – makes finishing soooo much easier and quicker.

I knotted the skirt towards one hip rather than over the tummy – just a bit too bloated after Christmas for that look! This means that the fish-tail train that graces the floor is also shifted to one side – but it didn’t seem to make much difference to the overall look.

I raise a glass to you all. May you have a very Happy and Healthy 2013

Now, if only I had a little jacket to throw on…..


21 thoughts on “Sow’s Ear..

  1. very glam – Happy New Year

  2. And my glass is raised right back at you! Happy New Year – and you should dress up more often, it suits you…

  3. You look like Hollywood–very glam, indeed. You need an elegant evening wrap to go over that fabulous outfit. Happy New Year back to you.

  4. Wow – gotta love sewing just for this – your outfit certainly doesn`t look cheap at all ! The top looks like it could be reused for everyday as well. Happy New Year.

  5. Perfect – just right and lots of fun!Happy New Year!

  6. Yes Janine the top will be reused as daily wear. Happy New year

  7. Think of the lady at the beginning of Columbia Pictures with her torch – LOL. It's a one off Gwen.

  8. Happy New Year Judith

  9. Thanks Pauline. Hope you enjoyed the break

  10. We certainly had a lot of fun on the night

  11. What a great idea to stay in but dress up!! And to sew outside convention!I'm glad you had a fabulous time and may 2013 continue in that vein. Cheers!

  12. Thats lovely! I love the sexy but covered- classy swank!

  13. Love it. happy new year!

  14. And we walked home! But I brought the trainers for journey home!

  15. Wouldn't a leopard belt made it really special?

  16. Thanks Coco, you too. Keep up the good work in 2013

  17. Move over Hollywood, here comes Ruth. You are red carpet ready. Lovely!

  18. A star is born,and i wish you a very good and happy new year.

  19. Both top and skirt are stars for their versatility and ease of wearing. How clever to slide the skirt around after Christmas feasting! best wishes for 2013 and may all your sewing projects be winners not wadders!

  20. So glad you were able to whip this little number up in time to celebrate.

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