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Fait Accompli


Isn’t it a treat to have a few days of nothing to do but sew? The Christmas rush is over and the New Year has not yet begun, still off work and there is a bit of respite in the middle. I’m reading that many of you use this time to sew fanatically – and I haven’t been the exception. Nice to see I’m in good company.
I had a few things to finish up (actually start and finish) but more on that for another day – before settling down and returning to the infinite project of the Chanel jacket and its teeny-tiny hand sewing construction. I have a plan that I want to wear this very soon and with a deadline looming – NYE – I had to finish it.
The body of the jacket was completed just needed sleeves – two the same. All the usual stuff here, so I won’t bore you with intricate details – two working button holes at the edge, three piece sleeves, quilted onto the lining and then put the machine away and bring out the needle and thread. Same ribbon and trim attached by hand around the cuff and the lining slip stitched in place.

Tell me, when you are making sleeves do you finish one and then start the other? Or do you do the same bits on each simultaneously?

In this case I worked on one sleeve at a time, completing one before doing it all over again on the other.

Long story short – sleeves done. Machined into the arm scythe after basting and trying on a million times and then the lining hand stitched on the inside to hide all the raw edges.

Because so much work has already gone into the body of the jacket – there are only some little finishing touches to be done at this stage.

Label sewn in, chain for weight and tradition attached at the hemline, buttons sewn on the front. Following Ann Rowley’s advice on SG the button stitches do not come through the lining – it remains free.

I opted for silver chain and buttons instead of gold as it really does go better with the navy/black.

I choose a silver lion’s head – Coco herself used the lion’s head as a symbol of the Chanel brand. I don’t have the $188 per button to spend on the originals, so I was very happy to find mine in the local fabric shop considerably cheaper than that.

 This jacket is also item number 1 from my SWAP 2013 – one down only 10 matching/coordinating items to go. At least it’s a start – and a finish!

There were times when I though it would never be finished; I sometimes dreaded the apparently endless handsewing; I was often overwhelmed with the amount of work involved – now that it is done – I want another one! I love this style – the bracelet length sleeves, the boxy yet fitted shape, the easy throw on and comfortable to wear, the goes-with-anything style.

You want to see this on, don’t you?

16 thoughts on “Fait Accompli

  1. what we can see looks wonderful – be great to see it on.

  2. I definitely want to see it on! 2013 is all but a few short hours away for us Down Under people – off to see the fireworks now and party-on in the New Year. Catch you and the jacket in 2013…J

  3. Yes! I can't wait to see you model it, it looks fantastic even turned inside out though! Very impressive.

  4. Of course we want to see it on! But $188 per button? Are they made from solid gold? 🙂

  5. Hey, now just a minute- no posed shots??? No amazing styling to take note of? Not fair!

  6. Oh wow!!! What you've done looks wonderful – can't wait to see you modeling it. Echoing Karin, Very impressive.

  7. Beautiful jacket. They are addictive!!!!

  8. You're a tease! 🙂 It looks beautiful so far so I'm sure it will be amazing when it's modeled.Happy New Year!

  9. Yes, I want to see it on! Hopefully in 2013; Happy New Year to you and yours.

  10. Yes, yes, yes! Action photos required! I love hand sewing, very therapeutic. It also makes me feel connected to the past and how sewing used to be carried out. Less of the rush, rush, rush with fancy smancy machines, and more enjoying the craft!Happy New Year!

  11. Gorgeous looking. I usually sew my sleeves simultaneously. Works best for me.Happy New Year Ruth, hope to see a lot of posts with your wonderful garments.

  12. Wow, I don't think I would have the patience for this kind of project. Yours is looking fantastic. Happy new year!

  13. Ruth, I love your postings! I have a pattern like this on my bucket list of things to make. Oh that bucket list of mine! I hope to put some time into it and have something to show one of these days in 2013. Your jacket is simply devine!

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