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Beam Me Up, Scotty!


Paco’s Treky top

Once again I have been holed up for a few days, not eating or watching TV or seeing other human beings in order to complete the second of Paco’s new designs – The Treky Top.

I’ll be honest with you, this was not an inspiring pattern when I first saw it. I could take it or leave it; nothing special, just a top.

But I had really nothing else to do – I’m wandering a bit in the sewing world at the moment – I can’t seem to settle on anything and thought why not? Give it a go. You’ve made the skirt – make a top to go with it.

So off I went to the fabric shop to get a matching fabric for the Apron skirt and managed to buy some boucle for a Chanel jacket, silk for a blouse or two, lining, wool crepe for something or other – you know what it’s like…..

Anyway, back to the story. I picked up a wool with 1% lycra – just enough stretch but not drapey or baggy but matched the skirt perfectly. Paco recommends a knit but there just weren’t any in my shop, at least at a price I was prepared to pay, for a top that I may or may not like very much.

First up: I don’t like nor suit high round necklines so I modified the front yoke pattern by 10cms (5″) to give a more scooped neckline. Then set to work.

Paco does not give any instructions so it’s part guess work and part following his blog posts in either Spanish or Goggle’s crap translation of Spanish. I looked at the pieces and made my own method of construction. It varies considerably from Paco’s and I hope he won’t mind but this seemed easier and quicker:
No sleeves to ease
Hidden raw edges in the inside
No guess work for topstitching

If you want my method then here’s the PDF with full colour pics and step by step instructions

 I sewed the shoulder seams and facings in one continuous seam and then folded it over to hide all the raw edges. It’s neat.

I did insert an invisible zip at centre back because my fabric doesn’t have that much stretch that I could get it over my head without this extra opening. It turned out alright but I still hate inserting zips!

I’m afraid my fabric choice does not take well to photography with my little camera and many of the details are lost in these images. Maybe I’ll try again in daylight tomorrow.

In the meantime, this is what emerged from the sewing room around 5.00pm. I put on the Apron skirt and a bit of lipstick for styling – big deal! Oh and I slipped on my high heels too.

 With the leftover fabrics, I made a belt (from the top) and a scarf (from the skirt).

 Then I went a wee bit mad and added the Unique jacket made in faux fur for a head to toe Paco outfit

In PR speak – conclusion – once I put this top on I was hooked.

It’s the type of top you see in a shop and think “It’s nice but I wouldn’t buy it.” and I probably wouldn’t but this is divine. Neat, fitted but comfortable and relaxed – it is a perfect companion to the skirt and will also wear well with other garments. I’m thinking of it more as a winter T-shirt and yes, it does dress up well but another fabric and what you have is a beautifully fitted, yet casual top with a difference.

The yoke detail is not difficult and adds that extra unique factor. the pattern was so accurate that the tailor tacks and marks are almost unncessary for construction.

This is something I’ve noticed recently, having made two of Paco’s patterns in a row and I’m so used to Vogue – marks and notches on Vogue sort fall close to each other when I make things but with Paco’s patterns they fall perfectly in alignment – like the stars! I still mark up the pieces as I like to take 10 mins before diving in but I hardly used them for this – just used them for back-up to make sure I was on the right track.

The top is fitted – no I mean, it is fitted. Beware your sizing when cutting out or else use a fabric with a bit more stretch than mine. If you opt for a wool crepe (did someone mention wool crepe earlier?) cut a little larger or using my lazy method reduce the seam allowances to 1cm at the upper arms and hips.

I now have a skirt and top that when paired together look like a dress – bonus in my book.



36 thoughts on “Beam Me Up, Scotty!

  1. Very nice — you make this pattern line seem very tempting!

  2. It fits you beautifully and the outfit is so elegant.

  3. A lovely basic as you say Ruth, these type of patterns get overlooked but they are a bulwark of a wardrobe. I love, love, love your pdf's for instructions and have saved them for the day that I get around to ordering the plus versions.

  4. I really like these two together and separately. I love the trekky top as is and want to try it!

  5. It is! There are only a few patterns to choose from and that kind of makes them very special

  6. Thanks Shams – it looks very dressy but is very comfortable. I don't know why I always think of 'dressy' as being uncomfortable?

  7. Jacquianne, you've made all that hard work and effort worthwhile. I'm glad one person uses them. thank you

  8. It's good to have the two separate pieces but know I will also wear them separately. Go make the Treky top and make it your own!

  9. That is a stylish outfit.

  10. Wow- this is so tasteful and slinky- you almost have me thinking about buying less novelty fabrics… You look amazing- but then you always do!!

  11. Wow, you look so fabulous! Love those boots! I've never sewn a Paco pattern, ths one is very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Beautiful. I've been considering this pattern, and after seeing your's I will be making one for myself. Paco also has this pattern in plus sizes and I will be making one or two for her. Your version is lovely.

  13. Both individually and together everything looks fabulous. How lucky you are too that you have a real live fabric shop near at hand – it must be great to nip out for fabric on the spur of the moment ! I know that you might not always find exactly what you are looking for – but better than no fabric shop at all !Janice.

  14. You have made this pattern look extremely elegant! You've also tempted me to consider buying this pattern- the top.

  15. … and forgot to say thank you for posting instructions too . Janice.

  16. I must have missed your other Paco outfit because I haven't heard of the pattern brand before.Your ensemble looks very sophisticated and I think you will get a lot of milage from it.

  17. You made this pattern into a beautiful, elegant, classic, timeless (need any more adjectives?) top. I just love it. Thanks so much for writing up the instructions. I think I'm going to have to buy one of his patterns. Do you happen to have any advice for (in general) the body type/shape they are designed for? Thanks again.

  18. Amazing top and skirt. Striking! Muy bien hecho amiga!!

  19. I've started another in navy already

  20. Only for the photos – I normally stay in my jammies until lunchtime (if I can)

  21. Janice, the shop is not really 'on the doorstep' but I suppose close enough. It's expensive though and I only go there when I need a colour match for an internet purchase. How do you buy your fabric?

  22. Sandra, I think all of Paco's patterns suit all body shapes, ages and styles. The designs are simple and classic. I'm a UK 14 and usually cut the medium grading out a little at the hips. Good luck, I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

  23. Thanks Patsijean. I'm sure you will love your top too.

  24. Oh go on – buy it. The top is also a dress – you just cut it longer, so you're getting two for one!

  25. Here's hoping. I've started another one so I think you might be right.

  26. In the past I have used Stone Fabrics in Devon and Craftswoman Fabrics in Carrickfergus ( your part of the world ? ) for mail order. I am going to sign up with Craftswoman again I have decided. I live in central Scotland and make occasional trips to a great shop called Mandors( main branch in Glasgow ( 1 hour journey by train – in fact I'm going today !)I am not a big fan of John Lewis for fabric because of their high prices but its great for haby. I have also bought fabric from the States from Gorgeous Things and Emmaonesock – both fantastic !) However I feel that you cant beat a reasonably local fabric shop with good quality fabrics – love to see how they drape/ handle before buying.Janice.

  27. …. oh and I forgot to mention good old Croft Mill !Janice.

  28. Hi again, Ruth, I just ordered this pattern and the Draped Top pattern. I wonder if you might do me a huge favor and take a photo of the piece you cut off the front neckline, with it placed on a grid cutting mat or some other way that I could see the measurements of it — I really like your scoop! Thanks again. Oh and I downloaded your instructions, thank you so much. I am new to blogging and am learning how much time and thought goes into creating a tutorial.

  29. Sandra I commented on artisans square and put up some pics for you there –,17913.0.htmlGlad to help and enjoy both your new tops.

  30. I use Croftmill quite a bit too. I find Craftswoman Fabrics to be a tad dear – that's where I went the other day. check out MyFabrics – a German company so no import duty!

  31. Such a beautiful fit in both pieces!

  32. What stunning outfit! Thanks for the new pictures that really show the garments details. What a great outfit!

  33. I love the top…Ruth…thanks so much for sharing the instructions. I can't wait to make it too. By the way…I mentioned you on my blog

  34. This post was recently linked to – – and I’m so glad I followed the link. Thank you for another great review. I wonder if you are still wearing these garments. They look great on you!

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