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Paco’s Apron skirt


I was very fortunate this week to receive as a gift two new patterns from Paco Peralta. They are the Treky top and the Apron skirt. I don’t have any fabric in the stash for the Treky top and due to circumstances beyond my control, I have been rather house-bound for a few days and didn’t get out to go fabric shopping. However, I did have a length of fine checked wool so opted to make the apron skirt first.

You may already know of Paco and his designs – simple, elegant with exquisite cutting and finishing details. I’ve made quite a few of his patterns and I’m never disappointed. Just go to the Labels box on the right and click Paco for a sample of previous makes.

You’ve got to love Paco and his simple but elegant and classic designs and the very fact that he releases the patterns to the world at large and lets home sewers loose on them but let’s face it, his instructions are weak – actually non-existent. He does a brilliant job of showing construction details and tricks on his blog – but the rest is left up to you.

While I was making this I kept a photo journal and have written instruction sheets, so if you decide to purchase and make this skirt, then download the PDF here. If you want to see how I made the skirt just for the heck of it, download it anyway.

Paco has labelled this skirt as Very Easy: I don’t think I’d go that far – there are a few tricky bits – but on the whole it is straightforward.

The front panel is the ‘apron’. It is cut separately and sewn in place over the curved front piece.
To make a little bit of interest I cut the apron on a different grainline – hence the darker colour.

My fabric has a fine check (plaid) and I would have liked to try cutting it on the bias but alas, not enough fabric.

I fell stitched the apron by hand so that I could keep control of the curved corners. I must say however, that the pattern pieces fit together flawlessly. See the curve at the top of the side panels? This is shaped so that it is cut on the bias, there is a slight stretch, and so fits perfectly around the hips – genius!

A perfect fitting skirt that will work at the office, home and, made in the right fabric, a night out too.

The back has four panels, invisible zipper and a centre split

The skirt is fully lined, which I also attached by hand. It is straight but not tight, quite conservative but with unique design, formal but just a little bit sexy. Happy girl with her well fitting skirt.

2 days after final construction.

 Worn today with Draped Top from 3 Hours past.. (unfortunately no longer available but if you plague Stephanie, she might re-draft it – it is invaluable) made in a brown knit with chiffon edging, lace up boots and the high waist of the skirt emphasised with a hand made snake skin belt.

Go on, get it. You know you need a good workhorse of a skirt like this.
Disclaimer – not getting paid for this endorsement.


19 thoughts on “Paco’s Apron skirt

  1. It's the business! Boardroom directors beware!

  2. Nice! At first glance, it's a conservative grey skirt. And then you look again, and there is a definite vavavoom!

  3. Looks great. Glad you're up, around, and grinning again!

  4. How's that for an interesting straight skirt. It's edgy so I love it.

  5. Ruth. – Thanks for testing this model. Thanks also for the tutorial file, is stunning. By the way, you skirt is wonderful !!

  6. Just perfect! I have been intrigued by his patterns. Now I must buy one – this one!I like that you changed grain for the apron piece. Did this cause any bagging and other challenges? It looks absolutely perfect on you.

  7. oooooh I do like that skirt

  8. You need one – I know you do!

  9. It's like a second skin – unbelievable

  10. Yep, as Karin said it looks conservative but it is interesting.

  11. Paco, the pleasure was all mine – thank you. Second one cut out already

  12. I kept the apron on grain Martha, just a different direction so it handled the same. Now that you've mentioned it a bias cut one would probably sag

  13. Your skirt is beautiful. Thanks for sharing the tutorial. I can't wait to make my own!

  14. Gorgeous skirt – so well fitted!

  15. A terrific looking skirt, the apron front cut differently is a very smart detail.

  16. I have just started collecting Paco Peralta's patterns. Currently am working on the draped sleeveless top. Your skirt is devine and gives me encouragement to finish this top and move forward with more of Sr.Peralta's designs. Glad to have found your blog!

  17. Ruth, thanks again for the tutorial. It was extremely helpful when I made the skirt. You can now see it on my blog

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