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My New BFF – DK


The Montana-sized front piece was cut out….

The Burdaesque markings were marked….all round the edge and up the middle… and a few on the sleeves..

A new sleeve was cut and made after the first one had a run in with a too-hot iron…..

Pleating and gathering and folding and matching and sewing and ripping and more sewing was completed and just like magic, out of acres of poly satin emerges a Donna Karan blouse…..

And after all that I didn’t really like it much!

By sheer happenstance I came across the original Donna Karan satin blouse – which retails at £2,010. Yes, you read that correctly and I didn’t make a typo! It is currently On Sale at a measly £750.  

Buy V1324 from Vogue patterns for $32 and purchase 2.5m of soft, shiny satin and you’ve still got a bargain.

So now I love my blouse

 Some little details to note: I didn’t add the bottom band like the original because the iron also put a hole in it and there was no more fabric left!

I think my pleats on the sleeves are folded the wrong direction but hopefully no one will really notice.

My cowl neck is not as flat and pressed as the original due to the fabric qualities of my poly satin.

There’s a keyhole hidden the centre back pleat which I though might gape – but it doesn’t – see? And it sits above the bra strap line just in case there is a moment’s gaping while bending over to tie my shoelaces and pull my socks up.

So after the argument and disappointment with Donna’s batwing top, we’re friends again. Isn’t that nice? 
Party season or just wear it everyday?

Your valued opinions please.

18 thoughts on “My New BFF – DK

  1. wow great looking blouse and just think how much money you saved (even on the reduced price) – amazing how the price of something changes your perception

  2. I think the blouse looks wonderful and I'm not being swayed by the original price;) My grandmother saved so many things and never really enjoyed them as she should have. I use everything as often as possible. Who cares if you wear the blouse to the market?!! Where it whenever it will bring you joy.

  3. I'm squealing! I just hauled my co-workers over to look at my monitor! I love this so much!!

  4. Wonderful! I'm sure you'll get a lot of wear out if it with all the festivities coming up.I don't know how you manage to squeeze in so many (not easy) sewing projects into what must be a full on working week. We're not worthy!

  5. I think Ms Karan should stuff hers back in the closet, the drape on yours is far nicer. I'm off to find the line drawing as I really never gave this a second look before now. Love the champagne colour and I'm picturing one for me in navy! You did a beautiful job on that.

  6. But the price does matter and you're right, I'll wear it

  7. Emmm aren't you supposed to be working?

  8. Thanks Martha. It feels lovely to wear

  9. Well, I took a few days off and just got stuck in. My sewing room is a mess at the moment so I can't have half completed things lying about making it more messier

  10. A darker colour would be rich indeed – you've starting me thinking……

  11. It's a steal. This is a great party top but you can still wear it everyday.

  12. Isn't that outrageous! That's why I love to sew – great designer garments for pennies in comparison. Love your blouse – I'm currently working on my own version.

  13. Can't wait to see it. How are you coping with the pleats?

  14. I'll just convince myself that I'm wearing 2 grands worth of blouse!

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  16. can men wear these sexy blouse girls

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