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I can’t Stand Like That…..


I now know why the Vogue models have to perform such unusual poses…………
I have been attempting to sew a Stitchers Guild 6-PAC over the last few weeks and all will be revealed soon and one of the 6 pieces was this Donna Karan Vogue top. The pattern’s been hanging around the stash box since the last Vogue sale so I thought it was time to make it up.
The whole back of the top is open but not mine! I sewed it up like a centre back seam and left about 6″ free at the neck so that I could get it over my head. the gathered high neck is secured with 9 snaps – though I got away with 5.
Anyway, look at the size of the single front piece! Thank goodness there’s only one.

This is the front with the pleats pinned in place and it reaches to the floor! 
The really scary bit is having to cut this piece right up the middle.
Once this bit is done the rest of the construction is relatively straightforward until you come to the hip hugging wraps. Mine were far too loose and didn’t quite look like the line drawing above. So ripped out and tightened the whole thing ignoring the notches and marks. It’s a better fit with more gathers, so overall much more pleasing to the eye. This could be the reason the model is wearing a belt too – to hide the bagginess.

Having tried it on I am now in a position to advise and caution you – if you don’t stand with your hands on your hips the entire time of wearing this top the voluminous front flops forwards and hides all the meticulous pleating that is wrapped around the hips. It is also nearly impossible to lift (even move) your arms and you lose the entire bottom half of the sleeve. It just looked like I had taken 3m of jersey and slung it round my neck – absolutely shapeless. 

So, unless you perpetually stand like this…..

 …or this….

this top ain’t gonna work!
Solution to this problem was two-fold. I lifted most of the batwingedness and made three pleats on either side of the shoulders. Tacked them firmly on the inside along the shoulder seam. This has a rather pleasant effect of creating a draped front while also revealing the hip wraps and letting me move my arms too. Winner!

 Second stage is to wear it tucked in….

I am also convinced that not only do you need instructions to make this top, you also need instructions on how to put it on and wear it!

And here is the rest of the 6-PAC. Tones of duck-egg blue and taupe. Though I did cheat and pulled the wool camel trousers out of the wardrobe (made last winter) to make up the six pieces. Sorry!

And if I didn’t have enough to figure out with this DK top, I’ve got the blouse from V1324 cut out and ready to start and it comes with another front piece the size of Montana. 


24 thoughts on “I can’t Stand Like That…..

  1. Your 6 PAC looks wonderful and you have some technically great pieces in there – I think you have done a wonderful adaptation of the vogue top – however, what a nightmare.

  2. Wow- I love all of these pieces. Your top reminds me of the friskier lingerie that you need a map and a compass to get in and out of!

  3. Wonderful! And hilarious review of that top. You are braver than I, for sure!

  4. Yes, a nightmare pattern. You'd expect it could float the corridors of the British Museum in the night time. It makes my Pattern Magic conundrums look relatively straight forwards. Looks nice tucked into the pencil skirt so hopefully still wearable.I always regarded Vogue patterns as the Rolls Royce of the lot but having followed your reviews over the past few months I realise they're fallible like everyone else's.

  5. Oh my! The top………….what was Vogue thinking? or not???? Loved your review. The 6-pack looks great just the same.

  6. Ok, I just decided what it reminds me off-Elsa Lanchester in bride of Frankenstein gown! So drapery, so neck seam concealing!

  7. Thank you for the review! What a nightmare, and glad you could rescue it!

  8. Love this review, nice save!!

  9. Wow! You pulled it off! Your the first person to make this pattern up that I know of. Lets see…leather pants, matching plaids, crazy origami tops- you are intrepid!

  10. I often wonder how some of the Vogue pattern styles look on real women. After your judicious shoulder tucks, it looks great. Both worn out and tucked in. Your SWAP is lovely. Great job!

  11. Nightmare with a lot of fabric – never again.

  12. Honestly, just getting it over my head and two arms in the right places is a struggle!

  13. Braver but definitely more foolish

  14. Usually Marianna, I love Vogue. Just look at that 6PAC, 5 out of 6 are Vogues. But the DK tops are a challenge.

  15. Thanks Linda, when you've spent the best part of your weekend making the thing you make sure you wear it at least once!

  16. Just need the white streak in my hair and I'm all set for Hallowe'en

  17. Marina, a poor rescue at best. I'm already thinking how to chop it up for a better top

  18. Just hope it saves some other poor soul the agony and 3m of jersey!

  19. Pulled it off and on and off again!

  20. Thanks Audrey. This is my first (almost) completed SWAP but I found it difficult to stick to.

  21. Ruth, you are an inspiration! This post content is humorous, helpful, fashionable, chic…and motivating. The 6 pac is great and the Vogue batwing blouse looks wonderful.

  22. LOL (I am way behind in my blog-reading) fantastic review, Ruth! I asked for this pattern as my freebie when Vogue Patterns printed a letter of mine, but never looked through the instructions. I have to say I'm still tempted to make it– maybe going a size or two down, though!

  23. I like your skirt, it looks adorable on you.

  24. Oh dear – I just bought this pattern (I mean, it was 1.99 how could I pass up) and now I'm thinking that maybe there was a reason it was on clearance!ah well – I bought it more for the skirt anyway 😉 Great review and some great tips there!

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