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Deutsches Safari


 Meanwhile back at the ranch the  German adventure in dressmaking has been continuing with The Safari Skirt.

Since starting this sewing blog I’m finding that I “name” all my garments – do you? I’ve no idea why I call this Safari maybe the colour of the brushed cotton reminds me of sand, or perhaps the semi-utilitarian style.

The fabric was ordered with the intention of making a pair of jeans (yes, another pair) but when it arrived it made its way directly to this pattern and I didn’t argue.

Another good thing about the Pattern Company is that they sell the hardware that they use to make the clothes – so I ordered the waist clasp, the tie ends and the tie holders; just like the photo.

Well, my translation didn’t quite match up with the instructions as there is a rather glaring difference between what the skirt is supposed to look like and what mine turned out as.
The clasp at the waist pulls together the front and back, creating a bunched up gathered effect – mine is without this. I just couldn’t get my head around how to attach the straps and keep the skirt loose. So I went for the ‘fitted’ look. It’s quite neat that the back strap is sewn into the back dart. The front still falls into a pleat though almost like a wrap around.

Pocket placement was for two pockets either side at mid-thigh but I thought this was too much attention grabbing at that area and opted instead for one pocket at hip height. The pockets are lovely: semi-circular with ties threaded through to gather the pocket closed. Unfortunately the opening in the clasps to hold the ties are too small for my fabric made ties. The pattern calls for elastic string but I didn’t have any. I’ll keep the clasps for another project.

In keeping with the hardware on show on the skirt I put in a semi-exposed jeans zip at the back. What an excuse for poor zip insertion!

I lined the whole thing (as usual) and really it sits so much better. The fabric is quite thin and there were a lot of underwear lines showing before the lining was inserted. The lining is actually another bed sheet that I bought in the wrong size for teenage son’s bed. We don’t have a bed that it fits so it went into the sewing room to be put to good use.

Right I’m off hunting…. Ruth


19 thoughts on “Deutsches Safari

  1. Ruth, despite the fact you say it didn't turn out the way it should, it looks lovely.

  2. I love this skirt and I love the whole outfit. I don't think anyone is going to mess with you…Any tips on sewing the exposed zip? It really suits some styles and the look has been around for several years but I've yet to find out how to do it nicely.

  3. It looks great! The metal clasps and details make all the difference. Nice fit too!

  4. Great details. I just might have to give these patterns a try.

  5. Love it! You are just so adventurous with your sewing ideas, and they always turn out so stylish. I think I prefer the fitted waist on you, rather than the original bunched look…

  6. This is a fabulous skirt. The details are great and I love the fabric and style. I agree with Judith, and prefer your fitted look rather than the scrunched up waist

  7. Thanks Pauline, I prefer a more fitted look anyway.

  8. Marianna, this is not a proper exposed zip, I just folded the seam allowances in and positioned the zip behind then. There was an article in a Threads issue not so long ago that covered exposed zips.

  9. Oh and you're right, No one ever messes with me – well maybe once only! LOL

  10. The fact that the Pattern Company sells these too is such a bonus so you don't have to go trailing around looking.

  11. They have great styles

  12. Yes I had some concerns about that Judith but lack of language skills actually proved advantageous on this occasion. Thanks

  13. Why thank you. Love your collection of blues.

  14. This is exactly what Grace Kelly wanted to wear in Mogambo! I love it.

  15. Love it!!!! I wish I could still fit into my suede skirt. Maybe when I'm dead. 😉 Seriously though, beautiful skirt.

  16. I want to be Grace Kelly – No wait I AM (dreams)

  17. Real suede, now you're talking! Anyway, you've an enviable figure.

  18. Ruth, this skirt is just gorgeous. Beautifully sewn, the hardware is outstanding. Very chic. I love that you do the 'unusual' and go for the details that make all the difference between your garments and so many others. Inspiring.

  19. I think it looks fun! Like a safari kind of thing. Exactly as it was meant to look. I first thought the fabric was suede and had assumed you were test driving your skills with a leather skirt before attempting the pants. The brushed cotton has a very rich look. Well done!

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