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Not Brown or Black….


Look what’s hanging over my bannister – gently stretching and gravity doing her work easing out crinkles and folds.

It’s not black or brown or grey, not red (Tia) or pink but stone! Yeah, yeah, I know… but I got a full Italian leather hide for way less than half price on ebay. How could I resist? You’re all on my side on this aren’t you?

I’m not too sure what the “Italian” means, presumably from Italy – does that make it good? I don’t know. I’m trying to learn all about leather. There are some holes in the hide but that’s natural and work-aroundable. It is a little thicker than I have been reading about. This is 1.1mm thick while all the books say 0.6-0.9mm is best but I figured what’s 0.2mm between seams? That’s so small a measurement that inches don’t go down that far! This one piece is 48sq feet – absolutely massive.

Teenage son was appalled – he even asked if it was legal and tried to figure out the ass end from the head end! God bless his innocent little heart.

Comision-free, let me direct you to Leather Hides. UK based and Anthony provided the best response, personal attention and fastest delivery known to man. Thank you Antony.

It does cry out ‘jacket’ please, but I’m sticking my guns on this and I’ll use this as a genuine ‘muslin’ for the black or brown or grey or red leather pants (the leather which will be purchased from Antony). I should have some left over and am thinking of bag or waistcoat (vest). but let’s just get the main attraction done first though.

While the pleather pants were a good test of one-chance sewing, this will really tax the technical sewing side.

Some thought is needed before sewing this beast into a tamed pair of pants.
Some courage is also needed before attacking with scissors.

There is the most wonderful smell of leather wafting though our house this evening.


21 thoughts on “Not Brown or Black….

  1. ohhhhhh I do love that. If its thicker might be too thick for trousers, but what a fabulous winter white/stone jacket hmmmmmmm

  2. great link to the site – got my eye on some too 🙂

  3. I thought I'd test the thickness with this hide first for the trousers but you're seeing what I'm seeing – jacket!

  4. Are you sure you need a genuine leather muslin?! This would make a fab jacket.

  5. Nothing like a good sewing challenge! I know you will nail it perfectly…Made By J

  6. "he even asked if it was legal …" LOL.I'm imagining the smell….

  7. It's boootiful, but I'm going with the crowd and saying it looks more like a jacket than pants. Have fun!

  8. oh, exciting! (that's how I dry things, too) and your teenage son is hilarious (aren't they all?)

  9. Hey, I use my banister for that too! Thanks for the link to the leather supplier. The most recent edition of burda has a leather jacket I'm rather keen on.

  10. Ruth – here is a leather supplier I've been stalking on eBay:

  11. Stop I've made up my mind – it's pants (maybe)

  12. We often dry the bed sheets over the bannisters as it's the best place in the house. And the smell of freshed washed linen fills the house. I must admit, seeing the full hide was a little weird – I mean it once walked around a field!

  13. So glad the old ways are still popular. While I am absolutley positive this will become a pair of trousers I'll check out Burda anyway. Thanks

  14. Not more temptation!!!

  15. I know, I know! I've been thinking about what pattern all day.. No it's trousers (almost certain)

  16. Yeah, like I haven't had a challenge in a while! I seem to like making life difficult for myself as if it's not hard enough!

  17. Better than fresh coffee – well almost. In my next life I want to work in a leather sales shop!

  18. I'm not sure but I think Italian Leather is considered to be slightly thinner and have a more supple hand.

  19. I was so curious, I had to research. Italian leather does mean that it was processed in Italy. However, it is a process using only the best vegetable tanning methods producing an exceptional product while remaining environmentally friendly. Also, as a result of this highly regarded process, the leather is of particularly fine quality and will last for years. Also there is an Italian Consortium of Leather Tannery which upholds specific standards with regard to process, environmental impact and product that most tanneries are subject to. So all in all, I think Italian leather is likely an outstanding product of which you can be assured is environmentally friendly and maintains a level of sustainability. Your jeans should last forever!

  20. Thank you so much for your research and sharing – I'm afraid knowledge doesn't make it any easier to sew though! Having a tough time with a zip at the moment…

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