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40 thoughts on “Checkmate

  1. Ruth, this is the prettiest jacket ever! You look ready for a country weekend. Did I ever tell you about staying in Ireland and riding horses for 10 days? I could have worn that jacket and fit in with the gentry.

  2. And I'm speechless. Your jacket is beautiful! What nice work you've done, so lovely.

  3. Cool! You look so perfect in the chair with your well-done jacket! Is it autumn there yet? Can't wait for it after seeing your jacket:)

  4. wow a work of art – absolutely beautiful.

  5. Truly – a beautiful piece of art!Brenda

  6. Gorgeous! You did a phenomenal job. Looks great and you look very happy that you've completed your project successfully!

  7. You are as smart and clever and fun as you are an accomplished sewista! And your interior red pocket and tab are to die for.

  8. Your plaid matching is amazing! The jacket is razor sharp. Bravo!

  9. Oh, super fine blazer! Beautiful work and love the hot pink lining. And glam pose!! Great job!

  10. Fabulous! Your work shows your quest for perfection with the plaid.

  11. No words needed – you know when you have nailed something perfectly!!! Loved following along on this sewing journey with you – thanks for taking the time to share…

  12. Stunning, seriously stunning! I love the lining and the tab on the inner pocket and the check matching is just divine!

  13. Very, very, very impressive! You are setting a high standard for us, which is great. Congratulations!

  14. An Irishman's(woman's) dream!!! Such a beautiful jacket. I want one!

  15. Beeyouteefull. Excellent construction, and the fit is perfect. Very nice, indeed. Enjoy it fully!

  16. Wow! This jacket is perfect and looks great on you!

  17. Speechless…Except to say, go get 'em!

  18. That's what I call a holiday! I'm also betting it rained for 10 days? What I need now is a horse…

  19. Praise indeed. Thank you Coco. BTW a friend of mine had a baby recently and named her 'Coco"

  20. There is a definite nip in the air – all I need are the coordinates for the jacket!

  21. Thanks Patricia. Your complement means a lot to me.

  22. Hi Brenda, thanks for dropping by and thanks for the lovely comment

  23. Oh yes happy indeed. Now I can move on to something else – mmmmm what?

  24. Well Mary that's some comment – accomplished? not really just tenacious.

  25. You already know how much blood, sweat and tears went into that matching – I need some plain weave….

  26. It's all about the posing! Verging on potato digging though…

  27. Thanks Bunny. It's actually DH who has the eye for perfection and nags me incessantly. He spotted the mis match in the centre back seam and I had to rip out and re-do.

  28. Thanks Judith. I love having you back among us.

  29. Thanks Suzy but look closer to home for such praise. You do wonderful work.

  30. Marina, that means so much. 1. That you took the time and 2 That you, who know so much about haute couture, think I'm setting a high standard. I'm not. I'm trying to do what's right. Thank you

  31. I think you need to get that little plane of yours and make a trans Atlantic flight. Think of the Donegal tweed and linen….

  32. Thanks Dixie. I have a little fabric left. Do you think a bag would be too much?

  33. Teresa – how did you know I read mysteries? Thanks for calling in.

  34. Nay, not speechless – not you!!

  35. Hi Chris, it's good to hear from you. Have you booked your tickets to Europe yet?

  36. Awww. Sadly no. I'm back to work in Alaska and will be there for most of the school year until spring. My needy life aside, that jacket is awesome! (Not a word I use often!)

  37. Just saw this… I love the inner pocket! What an amazing job you did on this jacket! I love plaids, and this is no exception. Wonderful job!

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