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Small setback with my hacking jacket…..

Just spent my precious evening sewing time ripping out one sleeve and resetting it completely. On closer inspection it was 2 vertical lines out! I was concentrating on the horizontals so much that I hadn’t noticed that the sleeves were slightly differently set from each other on the vertical matching.

See the vertical orange stripe on the shoulder of the right hand side – it joins into the arm scythe , on the left it runs all the way down. Just had to be fixed.


I’m afraid this was a bigger job than just resetting one sleeve. The whole inside had been catch stitched, shoulder pads put in, sleeve heads inserted – all had to come out!

I’m going to stop looking for faults or this thing will never be ready for autumn – which has officially started here, even though the weather is better than ‘summer’ at the moment.

The good news is the lining body is made, complete with inside pocket and when the jacket is finished, it’s ready to be hand sewn in. Then the sleeves, button holes and buttons. A damn good pressing and ready to wear. Must keep focusing on the end result.

Soon. (I hope)


5 thoughts on “Setback

  1. wow makes my chanel jacket seem easy – but its looking lovely. When I went on a sewing course (speed tailoring) the tutor told us she often took the final jackets to a cleaner for pressing, however I am sure you have it all in hand.

  2. It's looking seriously impressive! All your plaid matching will be worth it in the end – all those details will add up to a really classy finished jacket!

  3. I know how much work goes into a Chanel too. Never even knew a cleaner would do just the pressing – thanks.

  4. Thanks Suzy. If it ever is finished!

  5. Your hacking jacket is looking absolutely wonderful. I admire the detail , workmanship you are putting into it and you'll soon be wearing a classic. I look forward to seeing it completely done.

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