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Sunset Oh La La!


 Just returned from another few days at the north coast to mark the drawing of a close to my summer holidays. Monday sees the dawning of another term beginning – and life continues its endless cycle.  I managed to complete Marcy Tilton’s French house dress, V8813 before leaving.  I bought the patterned cotton jersey online and matched up a grey for contrast.

There are 11 reviews already about this dress on PR and I did get some really good tips about construction from fellow sewers and found some new blogs too.

 The shirring at the front was done a la Coco’s Loft, not as per the pattern instructions. I gathered the fabric with a running stitch and secured the gathers with tape behind. This was done before attaching the centre panel to the sides, so I was working with one piece of fabric, not yards and yards. With the contrast panel on the centre front I changed the thread in the machine to a matching grey to hem this as I was using a pale green for the patterned section. Otherwise, the dress was made straight out of the box.

I used the contrast grey to line the pockets too and had enough left over to make a pair of cropped leggings – you can just see them peaking out. They look more like long johns but the breezes at the Atlantic coast can blow where no others can!
I think my dress is too big, what do you think?
 I know it’s supposed to be loose but compare mine with the Vogue photo above. I know they have to “style” the look but you could get two of me in this and I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be this loose.
My photographer and stylist (teenage son) thought it would look good having me stand on the edge of a cliff 100m (300′) above the Atlantic with the wind blowing. I suspect he might be after his inheritance early. The sun was just setting hence the lighting isn’t the best but at least you see the dress in full length. Oh and you also get to see the breathtaking view looking out towards Donegal. 

 And later we were treated to this……

Next time – underneath the French house dress…..


15 thoughts on “Sunset Oh La La!

  1. Love it Ruth! This pattern is on my cutting table at the moment, but I am trying to decide between cutting out the small and the medium. I like the combination of fabrics that you've used – and it doesn't look too big to me!

  2. This is a great dress! I am terrified of what it would do to dainty me, but I so appreciate it on you and Coco! How many times did your son tell you to 'just step back a little farther'…?

  3. I also think this looks *really* cute on you! It doesn't look too big in these pics, but I defer to your opinion on the matter. I love the mix of fabrics, I love the neckline (keeps it sexy), I love that front drape which seems to attach at the front, but hang freely. I also love your leggings peeking out.Cute!

  4. Ruth, your dress is stunning! Love the print and the grey panel (et merci pour le bon mot…). Actually, I like the way it fits you, looks nifty and unique. Can tell you are enjoying it! And the locale is breathtaking.

  5. both the dress and the scenery are stunning. I love the contrasting fabric and the dress looks good with the leggings. As for fit, its really down to personal taste, I think it looks fine, however if you are not happy with the fit you should take it in, because if you are anything like me t will niggle you.

  6. The dress is very appealing, with a lovely casual, effortless look. The scenic photos are gorgeous.

  7. I love it! Seems the perfect dress for a perfect setting.

  8. I reckon I'm good for another couple of years – he can't drive yet so I still have my uses.

  9. I cut the Med and would reckon this could fit up to a UK18. Different fabrics will produce different 'swing' I suppose.

  10. Yep, I've already gathered the back yoke by 6" to test a tighter fit.

  11. Wow Shams that a a lot of lovin' going on there – thanks.

  12. Merci Coco. Thanks for the tips

  13. It is very comfy – it is a perfect 'house' dress without being frumpy.

  14. Thanks Marianna – can't beat good fresh air and a bracing breeze

  15. What a gorgeous photo shoot! I love the dress on you, and especially so with the leggings. As for the size, it is meant to be loose & free, yes? Try a small in the next one and compare…but in the meantime, revel in your beautiful dress.

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