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There comes a time when no more summer clothes are required (or needed due to lousy weather) and the wardrobe doors won’t close, so to keep busy before starting autumn clothes I set my sights on replenishing my greying white T-shirts. I had this Vogue Katherine Tilton V8817 pattern and made the tunic many, many times. I ordered up some white T-shirt making fabric and went to work.

 From left: 1 cotton pointe knit, 2. cotton with a good helping of lycra, 3. the white leftovers on the body with brown crinkle mesh for sleeves and contrasts.

Note how the different fabrics give a slightly different fit and how it wrinkles over my swayback.

If I was a perfectionist I could have done a sway back alteration when cutting, but it’s only a T-shirt!

The details: while they look the same there are subtle differences.
1. Added cuffs and no topstitching. 2. Topstitched with two threads, one white and one pale grey – it gives a sort of silver finish. 3. Fancy stitches and scraps of mesh used for neckband and sleeves.

 A really good pattern for a good basic top that has multiple variations limited only by your imagination and creativity. Easy to sew, though there are a lot of pieces to cut out first. It is my ideal T-shirt – 3/4 length sleeves; fitted but not tight; long enough to tuck in and short enough to leave out; scooped neckline that is low but not slutty; and interesting pattern pieces for a top that is more than two rectangles with sleeves.

 I had some brown knit wool fabric and made a draped cardi trimmed with brown mesh to match T number 3.

Wee bit of advice –


I went to be bra measured the other day as I’ve been wearing a 36A or B for years now and noticed in one set of photos this – wrinkles and lines across my back where the strap is.

Needless to say I was reckoning on having to move up a size to eliminate the creases – mentally prepared to buy a 38A I was shocked to be told I was actually 34D!


The result is quite a difference.
On the left – Wearing the new size bra – same top – no wrinkles!

Who’d have thought, a smaller size but the right size makes all the difference.

So treat yourself – get measured properly and buy new lingerie!

Which now leads onto the next issue – a drawer full of wrong sized bras. P’thrifty has been making bras (along with shirts, Chanel jackets and doing a million other things) and I was wondering could I. With the new machine that has a trillion stitches and pressure foot tension and adjustable thingys, I could maybe try at least one.

So the bra making kit has been ordered along with patterns from a super German site that Sigrid, via P’thrifty has listed.

Making bras! Whatever next? Matching knickers I suppose……….


19 thoughts on “3T

  1. Good girl! Long sleeved basic t shirts are what I should be making too, but I am not, lol. I like all three of your shirts. I had overlooked this pattern. Perhaps I need to reconsider.36a to 34d is a BIG change! What a difference, too!

  2. You hear all the time that a certain % of women are wearing the wrong bra size. But your blog does more to convince me to get measured than endless statistics!!! My goodness, what a difference….just love your new white tops as well…✿ Judy made by J

  3. First, no way are those girls an A cup! You look wonderful in your new undies and the shirts are great. I like this pattern a lot.

  4. ha ha I agree with Bunny – good luck on the bra making adventure be prepared to get hooked – sadly all those extra stitches will not be used I, under Sigrid's instructions, only use straight stitch, zigzag and a sort of stitched zig zag (don't know the name) so a simple machine will do all that you need. Look forward to seeing the first one made up.

  5. Seriously, those bunnies much be happy to have a bit more room in the hutch, you knows? I love your tops- I'm not a huge t-shirt gal- I love the shaped tops like these- so sharp!

  6. lol. Prttynpnk is funny. And, I agree with Bunny! No way an A cup! Glad you have found the right fit! This pattern really works on you.

  7. I have the bra pattern from Danglez, and it's one of the best patterns I have ever used. Making bras is easy, but you do have to go slowly and carefully. I got hooked, but did wind up buying a 1/4" foot with the "lip" that goes along the inside edge because you do have to be really specific with the seam allowance. There's just not that much room for error! That said, it's absolutely wonderful to actually have bras that fit your body. And matching knickers are a treat! You'll feel wonderful knowing you have that certain "je ne sais quoi" underneath your clothes!

  8. Great post-the photos are so helpful in determining what happens with different fabrics, and with different underwear. I noted in my last PR review that I would wear a specific bra with a peplum top I made…probably I should get measured also!

  9. Can't beat a white T

  10. I couldn't believe it myself.

  11. It's surprising how little I actually know. Thanks Bunny

  12. I might need e-tutition from you – all those hooks and rings and wires – it's daunting.

  13. I feel a bit more confident too, standing taller.

  14. Thanks Shams. I thought I knew my own body shape but apparently I still have a lot to learn.

  15. I've been looking at fabrics – another reason to buy more!

  16. I read somewhere that you should wear the underwear you intend to wear with a garment when fitting it – makes all the difference. Thanks Mary

  17. Glad you found it useful Rhonda.

  18. I just finished my first bra and it has turned out to be the most comfortable bra I have had in a while. As far as the stitching goes, I give it a B-, but fit is wonderful! And it was fun to do! Good luck with yours!

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