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Look what the summer Santa brought…..

 Well actually, this is what marking all those exam papers was for. It ‘s not the most brilliant machine in the world but for the money I reckoned it was really good value and when compared to what I was sewing with it’s a vast improvement.

I can do fancy stitches and 7 different buttonholes with just a touch of a button. There’s all sorts of tricks this machine can do that it’ll take me a while to learn and remember. but that’s part of the fun. The summer has been crap and my thoughts on sewing have been veering towards the autumn wardrobe recently.
I picked up Vogue UK magazine the other day and was very pleased to see the trouser suit or pant suit is making a comeback for this season.  When I was three years old an aunt asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up and I answered “Wear trouser suits.” It’s one of my earliest memories. 
Prada – Vogue UK

Article on the pant suit – Vogue UK

 Checks, tweeds, satin and fancy eye popping geometrics (Prada) – all are game for the suit.

Giorgio Armani

Jean-Paul Gaultier

Mui Mui

So why do Vogue patterns produce ONE pants suit in the new pattern season? Note the jacket length… while I’m not an avid follower of fashion I try to remain at least knowledgeable about what’s on trend (so I know how far off the mark I actually am) – longer jackets are back – thank goodness! but not at Vogue patterns


Like almost all of you, I found these new patterns to be disappointing and quite uninspiring. I managed to pick only one that I know would suit me and that I would buy.


Those poor girls must have severe back problems as they can’t stand up straight.


12 thoughts on “New

  1. wonderful prize for marking all those papers – I too am glad trouser suits are back because when I am travelling I tend to wear trousers more than skirts

  2. 'I want to wear trouser suits'!! Oh, I'll bet you ahd the most formal lemonade stand of any of the neighbor kids. That Vogue suit had no character- just a recycle. Blandness.

  3. I don't share your love for the longer jacket length. I love little fitted jackets and little knit cardis. I absolutely LOL at " I want to wear trouser suits". Kids do know themselves…I spent my childhood in red cowboy boots and shorts. Not much has changed.

  4. It's a wee bit scary – bells and flashing lights – beeps and eeps and peeps and pips!

  5. They are just so smart and practicable. They say " I'm competent and confident: I've arrived"

  6. Maybe Vogue patterns are on an economy drive and are recycling to save money.

  7. Style is timeless – I bet you still look good in them too.

  8. I'm so thankful that I'm not a model (not that I have any attributes that would have made it possible) because standing in those windows would have given me some sort of attack I'd never get over! Poor things, no wonder they are crouching, probably terrified they might go out the window!

  9. Hee, hee. I love your blog, please don't get me wrong, but for once (and it hasn't happened before) I disagree with you on three things: longer jackets (prefer them fitted and shorter), Vogue patterns photo shoot (a bit silly but no worse than any fashion mag editorial), and the new Vogue patterns themselves (*highly* inspiring, some really great patterns, my *to buy* list is quite long).Oh well, each to her own. (And I'll keep on reading your posts. Thanks for writing them.)

  10. It makes the world a much more interesting place when we are all allowed our own opinions. I'm glad you disagree – horses for courses – as we say here! Thanks for reading.

  11. At least the lighting is good!

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