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Happy Mac


Thank you for all your help in choosing a summer rain coat pattern. In the end I opted for the German Pattern Company’s linen one with kimono sleeves and belt.  The fabric I bought is a linen and cotton mix so you get the look and feel of linen without the millions of wrinkles. It is a creamy buttermilk colour that will go with anything. You may remember I wanted a colourful, happy lining and found this lily flower in a pink colour-way locally. I loved this fabric so much I bought enough to do the lining and make a dress!!!!  The problem with the linen though was it has a loose weave and the flowers showed through, so I had to underline the jacket with a cream cotton. This jacket therefore has three layers and became a little more substantial than originally intended. Oh the joy and unexpected outcomes of home sewing! Anyhow, three layers should be enough to protect me from summer showers. I’ll maybe spray some Scotchguard on a sample to see how it turns out. Have you ever ‘waterproofed’ fabric? What happened?
Cotton underlining, patterned lining and shell linen mix fabric.

The pattern is for an unlined jacket so I just cut the same pieces minus the front facing for the underling and the lining and sewed these as one. It’s actually the lining that over lined, the shell fabric is separate if you see what I mean? I made two jackets – one in the linen and one for the lining and then bagged the whole lot together.

 The underlining worked a treat and there’s no ‘show through’.

I topstitched the whole way around the edge of the jacket by using two threads in the one needle. I added a white thread to the colour coordinated cream one to make the topstitching stand out a little more. Instead of using a thicker thread which tends to tangle in my machine and saves re-threading every time you want to do topstitching.
The belt system is great. I had reservations about a belted coat but this is just marvellous. There are two slits in the side seams and the loose belt threads through these on the inside. The effect therefore, is a neat belted front (with a waist) and a loose, straight back – no sway back visible. Of course, the belt can be removed or even worn around the back and loose at the front – what ever takes your fancy.

 The jacket is an easy make, especially as there are no sleeves to ease and insert. As it is meant to be casual and loose, fitting is not an issue either. I opted for patch pockets but the pattern comes with side seam pockets too if you want. The pattern is also marked for different lengths so you could easily make a short bolero-style as shown on the pattern photo. As usual, the instructions are in German but this time I just followed instinct and didn’t try to translate or decipher.

Now you see the reason for fighting with the dress – matching lining!  

And my solution to all the dress sewing headaches – a little pink draped cardi made from leftovers of the twisted front jumper and the pattern from Three Hours Past

Under collar and turned back sleeves reveal the matching fabrics.

coutureallure – 1950s coat and fitted dress
I bagged the lining of the jacket so it has quite a neat finish – almost reversible – and if I really feel like it I can go for all out chaos. It’s a bit much and too matchy-matchy but reminiscent of 1950/60s coat and dress suits.

The dress turned out OK in the end – by no means perfect but wearable. The jacket though I’m really pleased with – it almost ticked every box in my very specific Mac wishlist…….

 ………and would you believe it – it’s NOT RAINING! Ruth

34 thoughts on “Happy Mac

  1. That is just simply stunning!!! All of your work, thinking and planning has paid off on these 2 garments. This will be a well worn favourite jacket…✿ Judith made by J

  2. Oooh, what a fantastic outfit! And I love the cardi as well, it gives you a third and quite different look too. I need to start thinking more like you: ensembles, instead of loose pieces that may or may not go with other things in my closet. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the sun!!

  3. Wow this is so impressive you have done an excellent job! Really beautiful jacket and dress!!

  4. Oh, under collar snd turned back sleeves all floral- it's too much wonderfulness! I must turn away and think calm,beige thoughts for a moment. Beautiful Ruth!!!

  5. A *beautiful* coat! I love the fun lining and including it under the collar and at the turn-backed cuffs. And I love the idea of mixing a similar colored thread with a coordinating thread to make the top-stitching pop. Just fabulous!

  6. I like this mini-wardrobe!

  7. Absolutely fantastic! The jacket and dress look really great on you. Even rainy days could be enjoyable:)

  8. Your jacket came out so perfect! And excellent save on the dress too. Like you, I want summer dresses like all the other girls and instead I keep making tops and tunics. Sigh.

  9. What a wonderful capsule wardrobe. Now a pair of taupe or beige pants?

  10. Don't worry- rain is always just around he corner in these wet islands, lol! It's a *fabulous* jacket. And paired with the matching dress you look like Doris Day in her prime in the 1950s.

  11. This is outstanding!! I love it…great job!

  12. You're looking tres chic in this outfit!

  13. wow, what a gorgeous jacket and dress. You look marvelous in your beautifully constructed clothing, just lovely!

  14. Nice to have you around again Judith. Thanks

  15. Thanks Lucia when you find a lovely fabric you just have to have it!

  16. Welcome to my bog Erin. Your Burda jacket is fab – much admiration and awe for tackling that one.

  17. A compliment indeed from the queen of patterned fabrics.

  18. I've been experimenting with mixing colours too on topstitching – some interesting effects can be achieved.

  19. Thanks Mary – it's part of my capsule holiday wardrobe

  20. And yes, it's raining today!

  21. But all the other girls want tops like yours!

  22. Yes, I need to calm down a bit – what a good idea though – coordinating trousers for the jacket

  23. I love Doris Day – you said the right thing!

  24. One tries, one tries

  25. Thanks Robin I appreciate this and glad to have you back amongst us again.

  26. What a fabulous trench!! And that sexy little dress is the perfect combination. I'm jealous, I want one too!!!!

  27. I'm very impressed by your productivity (surely the holidays have only just started). The combination of fabrics is lovely and looks like the craftsmanship is too. Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

  28. Marianna, our holidays start at the end of June here and run until the end of August – 8 weeks to do what you like!

  29. But that's the best thing about sewing – you can make your own version too!

  30. Lovely, enjoy the free time and good luck with the weather!BTW, if you're still thinking of the leather jeans: I've found a shop in Goldhawk Road that sells hides at £25 each, in most colours and of good quality. They vary slightly in size but all are lamb so generally the same size as baby buggy lambskins.Not sure how many would be needed for jeans. 4? 6? Certainly a more advanced project.

  31. Oh,it's fabulous and nice,all matches perfectly,you are so smart.I wish you to enjoy sewing with your new mac during sunny holidays.I am at work,and very busy…so waiting for my needles!

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