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Parallel Lines


My eyes are going together……all that black and white, big stripes, little stripes, spots and dots and parallel lines. See here if you’ve no idea what I’m talking about.
Tunic 3 done
Cardigan tunic to match done. Exact same pattern pieces except all the front bits were cut on the selvedge edges and trimmed with a bias strip of spots: all the back pieces cut on the fold. I added another piece to the sleeves to make them full length instead of 3/4 – no closures though – think I’ll use a brooch.

And a bonus draped T-shirt into the bargain. 
So that’s three tunics, a cardigan (which is really another tunic), a T-shirt and two pair of trousers (not the white ones in the pic – they’re very old RTW). Not bad for about £35, a bit of time and lots of experimenting with fabric patterns.

Katherine Tilton Vogue V8817 
Just had to do it……… thank you Vogue stylist.

And Debbie still lookin’ good and wearing black & white parallel lines!

Thanks for reading. Ruth


11 thoughts on “Parallel Lines

  1. Better than Vogue!!! Love it!Brenda

  2. wow striking but I bet your eyes are feeling wonky now looking at all those stripes.

  3. Great looking garments! great job

  4. Very nice and funny!

  5. PL is the first album I ever got (if you don't count my Muppet Show records…) and it's still the sexiest album cover I've ever seen! What a great inspiration Debbie Harry is. Hope you enjoy wearing these new additions to your wardrobe.

  6. Thanks Marianna – I grew up thinking I WAS Debbie Harry! what memories!

  7. Thanks Ruta – cool name!

  8. Thanks Linda. You look like you're pretty busy with all those blogs and sewing but isn't Owen Meaney the best ever read? Take a look at A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole – if you haven't already – wonderful!

  9. Oh Brenda – getting there, getting there…..

  10. At the opticians next week – too much exam marking is taking it's toll – reckoning on another £150 for new frames!!!!!

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