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Olympic, Jubilee but Not Sewing


This morning the Olympic torch started its journey around Northern Ireland and MY DAD was one of the torch bearers. Walter does a lot of work with the hard of hearing and deaf – he even learned British Sign Language when he retired. Because of this charitable work he was nominated to light and carry the flame. We had 20 people back to our house for cakes and buns and scones afterwards – a semi-Jubilee party but mostly to celebrate my dad and the unique individual that he is.
He is is getting ready for his run -that’s Stormont in the background.

 Crowds of well wishers all wanted to have their photograph taken with him, even though they didn’t know him personally. It was like the American Presidential election campaign.

The change over and lighting of the next torch

The official photo shoot and getting ready to run (walk quickly)

My sister-in law, Kerry,  made a special banner to send him on his way

One final glance at the well wishers and family with the torch lit …
…… and he brought it home

No cat today in the background pic but a small boy instead!

Thanks for reading. Ruth


10 thoughts on “Olympic, Jubilee but Not Sewing

  1. Woohoo go Ruth's Dad! He looks so happy and what an experience!

  2. How cool, you must be so proud of him! Happy Jubilee weekend. 🙂

  3. Wow what a wonderful tribute to the work that your father has done – your family with remember this for years to come.

  4. How exciting for your dad. You must be so proud.

  5. What an amazing honor for you and your father! My best wishes and congratulations to him!

  6. I'll pass on all your good wishes to my dad. Thank you as always.

  7. Wow how exciting is that?! I love the "Go Olympic Granda" poster!

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