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 I traced a Burda magazine pattern! 

I know for many of you this is not a big deal but for lazy me with deteriorating eyesight and a ‘couldn’t be bothered’ attitude, this indeed is a day to celebrate. And now that I’ve done it once I’ll be doing it again and again and again….. I attacked the multi-coloured map of sheet A in May’s edition to locate the 4 pieces needed for this blouse.
While waiting for my green organic fabrics to arrive I kept busy with tracing and then making. I found this fabulously coloured and patterned jersey in my local fabric shop and although it was fairly expensive (compared to USA and internet shops) I splashed out and purchased 2 metres. I tried to find a fabric similar to the Burda one online and under £20 p/m but without much success.
Where do you buy colourful and patterned jersey at reasonable prices?

As the fabric is so abstract the left and right sides are completely different – a bit like the Ikea summer dress. 
I was quite impressed how well the hand traced pattern pieces went together and it sewed up without trauma or tradegy. I didn’t exactly follow the instructions but just muddled my way through especially at the neck edge. Working with such a stretchy fabric made the job easier too as I just pulled it into place and gave it all a good pressing as I went.
SLEEVES – While I was tracing the sleeve piece I realised that the patterns are used for multiple garments and this sleeve piece has cap, short and wrist length. Because I don’t do sleeveless, I just traced the longest length and didn’t have to worry about ill-fitting sleeve heads. I think my sleeve should have a cuff but I like bracelet length so everything worked out fine in the end.

FRONT CLOSURE – Again because the fabric is so stretchy I didn’t think I’d have any trouble pulling this on over my head so didn’t make button holes just sewed the buttons through all thicknesses and that’s what holds the fronts together.
HEMS – I don’t have an overlocker (serger) or a blind hemmer, the hems were just folded over 1.5cm and straight stitched then trimmed close to the stitching – this works just fine, it’s quick and looks OK. I wouldn’t do this on a heirloom piece or something that I was planning on wearing for years to come but for T-shirt, run around tops type of things – it’s good.

And here’s a picture of the cat slinking away.

Thanks for reading. Ruth


22 thoughts on “Fireworks

  1. this top looks lovely on you. the fabric is just perfect for the pattern – where did you find it?ruth

  2. Great fabric. What a find!

  3. that top looks GREAT on you!(the fabric was worth every penny)I thought the "fake" button front idea was genius – so, of course, I'm going to steal it for some future project of mine.:-) Chris

  4. What a pretty top ! I love the fabric !

  5. Ok, you've given me the push I need! I'm going to get the tracing paper out and have a go at the scary pattern magazine that taunts me from the shelf!

  6. Wow, you've carried this out with aplomb and seem to have the exact same top as in the magazine! I too am sewing from BSM 5/12 at the moment (a girl's skirt)… It's my first mag pattern so encouraged to hear it joined up ok for you! Not sure if this is of help, but this gentleman does travelling fabric sales around England and might be willing to do mail order as he's just opened a shop in the East End. Or maybe he hops over to NI. His jerseys are lovely and usually at £8 a metre. up for getting the cat into the blog too!

  7. When I saw that yellow skirt on burdastyle website, I thought of you! Don't know why. But you made the top and it looks great! Keep trying to trac/draft pattens 🙂

  8. thanks babydoll, a shop called Craftswoman Fabrics in Carrickfergus, NI. They do have a website but it's not working at the moment and they do stock a large range of fabrics for all tastes. Sometimes you get lucky.

  9. Yep, sometimes things just work out fine

  10. Chris, you've made my day – picking up wee tips like this is what blogging is all about. Thanks

  11. Merci. Nous avez meme "style"

  12. Look, if I can do it anyone can. It's like everything – you need the right tools and then when it goes wrong you've got something to blame it on. I won't pretend it was easy but this is what I did on a rainy bank holiday Monday and it was a better option than ironing!

  13. Thanks for heads up Marianna. Mr Rosenberg has no dates planned for NI on his UK tour but I'll give him a call anyway. Good luck with your skirt. I must say I was very impressed with the accuracy of the pieces although a stretchy fabric did make the job easier.

  14. The skirt is next on the list but I'll admit now that I downloaded the pattern for it. When you trace patterns you feel like a designer somehow. Thanks for the encouragement Jun.

  15. Congratulations on your first Burda pattern, a resounding success I would say! That top is very flattering on you. I happen to have a lightweight knit with a similarly wild abstract pattern that I bought impulsively last year (yeah, what else is new for me!) and I do need more tops… Thanks for the inspiration!

  16. Congratulations on drafting out the Burda top.I think it looks great–love the print. I subscribe to Craftswoman Fabrics yearly collection and they always have a good choice of jersey's–plain and patterned.I also send for samples from The Dress Fabric Company on Bruntsfield Place, Edinburgh.Again great choice and not overpriced.Online –look at which has Liberty fabrics at below Liberty prices or, http://www.dotsn', and

  17. Di, thank you very much. I buy from Tissu already but this year they don't seem to have the vibrant patterns that they've previously stocked. I'll certainly check out the others – always need more fabric outlets! thanks again.

  18. Thanks Lucia. You've provided the inspiration for me too for my no-dye cotton – Paco's draped top! I'd forgotten about it and I love your neckline variations – fab.

  19. Yes, it's time to celebrate, not only for successfully tracing and sewing a Bureau Style, but also creating a festive and gorgeous top!

  20. Oops, it was supposed to be a Burda Style, not Bureau Style.

  21. That top is absolutely beautiful. I NEED both, the top and skirt. lol Well, I guess I will renew my subscription, afterall.

  22. Not sure how I missed your cute version of this…great fabric. I love mine and want to make another…

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