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Ikea in the Rain


 She’s done and as predicted by my choice of sewing – it rained, and the wind blew and it was cold. So much for a summer dress!

First I put on an old Mac of DH but it hid too much of the dress.

Then I brought the brolly out.

During construction I lengthened the sleeves to elbow length instead of the tiny cap sleeves in the pattern. This meant cutting and fitting longer underarm gussets too – definitely the hardest thing in making this dress.

Then I abandoned the brolly because the wind blew it about and I was freezing and the pictures were blurry, so we moved indoors like sensible people. By sheer happenstance all the colours are at the front of the dress – the back is positively plain by comparison. but there there exists a certain symmetry on each side: the flower at left shoulder is the same at the left hemline.

The underarm gussets are no where near perfect but a lot better than first time around. I eventually managed to get most of the wrinkles out of the gusset insertion points but they aren’t points. If I make this again I think I might just resort to putting regular sleeves in. I ended up taking my own advice here

The bodice has a pleated mock wrap effect that is surprisingly secure and comfortable with no gapping at all. The pattern called for a grosgrain waist stay inside the dress (that’s the vintage touch) but my middle aged tummy likes comfort so I opted for elastic and it works just as well.

 There’s a lapped side zip and matching pull through belt and  I don’t think it needs a flouncy petticoat, my hips do the job very well instead.

Now – sunshine please!

Thanks for reading. Ruth


25 thoughts on “Ikea in the Rain

  1. Look at you! You look very pretty with the brolly in the rain 🙂 I can tell the style perfectly suit you.

  2. fabulous I too want sunshine next week please

  3. The Dress is great. I know the fabric from ikea since a log time. Lo and behold! You can make a dress with it! You did a very good job.Mema

  4. I am crushing big time on this dress! I love it!!! I want it! Perfect fabric on perfect you!

  5. Just oozing with style and personality! Fabulous!!

  6. Love it, the colors and stunning fit, all wonderful!

  7. Wow, it looks great! I love the pleating on the bodice. I have the exact same fabric sitting in my stash, been wondering if I should get rid of, lol, not anymore though!

  8. Your dress is fabulous. The fabric is sensational.

  9. Genius! Daring! A huge success.

  10. Wow, this dress is a knockout! Love the neckline and the belt. And the fabric….a breath of Spring!

  11. a lovely dress !!!

  12. Thank you Jun, for once I was girly.

  13. I'll stop making summer clothes – that might help. Hope you have a great day.

  14. Yes, Mema I guess that's why it was on sale – it's old stock. But still usable.

  15. That's sweet but I really do prefer jeans and a baggy shirt. That's when I'm most comfortable. I have to hold my tummy in when I wear frocks, and not swear or drink beer from the bottle! LOL

  16. This dress required the minimal amount of alteration – it's practically made exactly as the paper pattern – What luck!

  17. No, make yourself something – the fabric makes you happy

  18. It is a very loud and big print – but what the heck. Try it and see.

  19. Yep, believe me, it's daring for me who likes plain and little prints on the whole but I'm learning to expand my colour palette.

  20. And not a basting stitch….only pins!

  21. Merci. J'aime votre rouge pantalons – tres chic.

  22. That's IKEA fabric? Where can I find that in…the shower curtain section? Bed sheets? Tell me please.

  23. Your dress is so lovely! And I like your sleeves, much better balance, I think, with the dress than the cap sleeves would have been. Fab fabric. Happy summer!

  24. What a perfect fabric for a lovely result – Ikea? Who knew?

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