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O Ikea


This is on the sewing table at the moment but I’m not really sure the style will suit me, though I love the top half of the dress (with longer sleeves, of course). I’m spending so much on fabric and Vogue’s new summer patterns and drafting tools and notions at the moment that I went for cheap and cheerful Ikea fabric that was reduced. If I didn’t like the dress style then not many £££ wasted. In fact I got 4m for the grand total of £11.98, and it’s 150cm wide!

These are the bits pinned on Doris for an overall effect. There was no way I was attempting to match the pattern on this one. In fact – a small word of caution if you are thinking of using home decorating fabrics – this one had a directional pattern and so needed to be treated as if it had a nap. The 4m were cut in half and placed with all the flowers pointing in one direction, otherwise half my dress would have been upside down!  The back almost looks like its made from a different fabric altogether. Looking at the limp drape of the skirt on Doris makes me think I’ll also have to make a flouncy petticoat to wear underneath so I look exactly like the ladies on the pattern envelope. 
Thought I’d give you a laugh though – sleeves and bodice are all one piece so you have to add underarm gussets in order that you can hold up your vanity mirror when wearing the frock. Just look at the puckering at those arm scythes! Rip it out and start again…………

I have now connected my sewing habits with the weather. As soon as I cut out and start on a summer dress the heavens open and the temperatures drop. When I cut out and sew a pair of trousers the sun comes out and temperatures rise (a little). Go figure……

Thanks for reading. Ruth


5 thoughts on “O Ikea

  1. I assume you will be sewing lots and lots of trousers then. Perhaps you should start on a winter coat, you might get subtropical weather then. 8-)That print is fun, so bright and happy, looking forward to seeing the finished dress.

  2. I have that Ikea fabric! what a lovely surprise to see your use of it in a project!Rose in SV

  3. This. Is what concerns me, I'll have avoid homes with matching curtains!

  4. Honestly I'm beginning to think the same way. Winter clothes will guarantee sunshine

  5. nice idea.. thanks for sharing.

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