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What I love most about reading sewing blogs is delving into inspiration from all walks of life – from retro style fitting and tailoring to down and dirty steam punk stuff, and everything in between. I also enjoy sewing my own clothes because I can try out styles and fabrics that I would probably not purchase as RTW.

One of my favourite blogs is prttynpnk – witty, ironic, informative, got attitude but every so often I’m mildly surprised when Anne comes up with cute and pretty. She has a thing about Lisette and Serendipity type patterns and this is one of those occasions when I like reading about them and looking at them, but have always thought – not for me.

I was in a fabric shop in town the other day buying yet more jeans needles when I spotted a darling red cotton – sort of like a quilter’s design but softer and MUCH wider. It had occurred to me that all these jeans I’m making will need some tops to go with them and this fabric was just the thing. Needed a pattern though – Simplicity were at half price so I hunted out this one – 3596. It reminded me of Lisette styling but purchasable instantly. So £XXX later with patterned cotton and contrasting cotton, zip, thread, pattern and the jeans needles, went home to try out.

This is the result.

 The top has an underskirt and an over skirt; the bodice, front and back is lined with the plain red that also forms the tie round the middle. Sleeves are a wondrous flared affair that hit exactly the same length as the overskirt. Worn with super red shoes and my best boyfriend style jeans yet (more on these later).

 So cute – but maybe Peter/Cathy would be more interested in this as maternity wear? Wee bit pregnant looking?

22″ zip in the centre back but I think the cotton is not as floaty as the pattern picture.

On the whole, I was fairly pleased with myself.  A new style that I thought I wouldn’t like but I do. The top is long enough to cover the bum and loose enough to eat a four course dinner. Got my long sleeves which is a must, and the colours really lift any shade of denim you wish to throw at it.

DH rarely comments on my clothes unless he hates them – the Yeti coat or loves them – the startling gym slip dress; otherwise he just ignores what I wear. But this was so out of my comfort range that I did actually ask out loud for an opinion. Shouldn’t have bothered………

“You look like a Stepford wife.”

Not quite what I had in mind when making this – I was thinking more along the lines of vaseline smeared David Bailey lenses, waist high wheat fields, soft sunlight and that 1970s air of blissful tranquility in a Cadbury Flake advert kind of thing – Oh wait, that IS Stepford, however, I still the know the meaning of the word archaic.

I’m afraid I wasn’t such a good Stepford wife the night before these photos – hence the bags under my eyes and general pallor…..

What I’m still trying to figure out is when your husband says you look like a Stepford wife is this a compliment or an insult?

Thanks for reading. Ruth


14 thoughts on “Stepford

  1. I think it looks great! That red really pops with the denim and I think the style is flattering. 🙂

  2. Stepford! That is too funny! I love this top. Glad the PR thumbnail forwarded me to your blog so I could see the splendour of this top. Very nicely done!

  3. This is a really funny post it did make me laugh. The top has turned out really nice – love it with the red shoes – enjoy eating loads.

  4. I think the top is fun and flirty. Looks great on you. I learned a long time ago to not ask for an opinion from my husband. One year for Easter I had on a lively, bright yellow and black plaid wool coat and he told me that I looked like a Peep! Yes, a Peep, you know, those little marshmellow things that come out at Easter time. Oh well.

  5. Can we talk about those shoes??? Oh I am swoony over them! I also have a new pattern to covet..

  6. I really like the top. I think you should invent a new move called the "stepford stomp" – and threaten to use it on your DH …

  7. … and I'm normally such a peaceful person …

  8. I just recently discovered what a 'peep' is – at least it's sweet and cute – I like black and yellow together.

  9. I'm taking it that you regard his statement as an insult then – LOL

  10. You are such a bad influence on me

  11. Dunno about the DH comment because I haven't yet learned not to ask!!! I should take a leaf out of RhondaBuss' book…..I love the colour and the outfit. The shoes are very cute and its so good to see such rich bright colours to banish the black I wear so much. This is a keeper for sure.

  12. Thanks Emily, part of the online sewing community is providing assertive techniques to each other and believe me, you could do a lot worse than Rhonda

  13. That is a wonderful top and so cheerful and fresh. Husbands are very conservative about style change, aren't they? I made up a fitted dress last week, and Mr. Biblioblog said NOT ONE THING. When I finally asked what he thought, he said "It has funny wrinkles in the bust area" sheesh. sigh.

  14. You are funny and thoughful, what a great combination! I knew that gym slip dress would be a hit, I really must get around to making it for myself soon. I love the jeans you are making BTW. I am not brave enough yet, so I'm living vicariously through you. But I've bookmarked your posts. Maybe some day…

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