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Not Boyfriend’s – MINE


At long last – the finished Boyfriend jeans.

And the sun came out to welcome them and I wore my new red shoes.

I think I changed the fitting so much at the crotch and inside leg that they no longer resemble a boyfriend style but are a just a pair of jeans.

 The eagle-eyed among you will notice the bias cut yoke pieces to make the most of the pinstripe denim. I topstitched in blue thread as I thought there was enough going on with the stripes and a contrast thread would be too much

You won’t often see a photo of me from this direction!
 Coin pocket was cut on the cross grain for horizontal lines for added visual interest.
What’s better in life than a white shirt and a pair of jeans?
The legs of these jeans are just great as they taper slightly towards the ankles so that when you fold up a cuff there’s no gathering of fabric.
I hope you have enjoyed this little mini-series about jeans and found some of it useful. I’m in a jeans mood now and plan to crank ’em out over the next few weeks. I have one more post about the order of construction that is based on Sandra Bettizna’s method that is so much better that Hot Patterns instructions and makes that final fitting so much easier too.  With all these jeans planned I’m also starting to think about tops to wear with them so I’ll try to mainatain your interest with more than just jeans.
Thanks for reading. Ruth


12 thoughts on “Not Boyfriend’s – MINE

  1. These look just sooooo comfy!!! Well done…

  2. OH! These look great, I think you're right that they're more like regular jeans than boyfriend/husband jeans but all the same, wow mad props to you. I'm especially fond of your thoughtful attention to stripes. You have to keep your head in it to win the stripes game, and I can see you've been in it. 😉

  3. Those look fabulous!!!! I have the HP Classix Nouveau Dressy Jean pattern and hopefully going to make it this summer. Thank you for giving me some inspiration! And PS: I got the patterns you sent me a few days ago! I cannot wait to spend my summer sewing! Thank you for that also.

  4. wow great looking jeans you must feel really impressed with your work (well you should be) – I agree jeans and white shirt are the best – and the red shoes add a pop of colour.

  5. My pleasure – I'm glad they went to a good home.

  6. Well, it's been a struggle at times, but lessons learned this time foe the next pair.

  7. I knew you'd appreciate the stripes!

  8. I'm hoping the seams hold out when I sit down though

  9. Fantastic! I haven't worked up enough courage to try pants or jeans, but I will. Thanks for the series! You do a great job of explaining your process!

  10. i want to say "wow wow wow" for all those lines matching, it create such a great effect.Your pants look wonderfull, congratulations!!

  11. Nicely done! Love the stripe,too!

  12. those look GREAT on you – awesome fit!!!

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