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Boyfriend Jeans – Get Ready


 I was chuffed when my Hot Patterns Boyfriend jeans pattern arrived  from USA and was dead keen to get started on the project.

 I thought if any of you are making these – or any jeans for that matter – you might like a very informal sew-along sort of thing. I will go through the following issues in the next few posts so I’d appreciate additional advice and comments form those of you more experienced than I:
  1. Denim prep
  2. Fitting nightmare
  3. Changes to Hot Patterns – cutting out the pockets and construction – 
  4. Fly zip
  5. Better construction method than Hot Patterns
  6. Waistband – Hot Patterns explained
Health Warning:
I disregarded the Hot Patterns instructions from about step 5 and moved to my own preferred construction procedure. I would like to point out that this is the way I make jeans and may not be the best, industry standard or any other recommended method available. It works for me – it might just work for you.

We may not look like this at the end of it – but at least you can say we tried!

This is my denim of choice for the project – a pin stripe blue. Should prove to be an interesting visual illusion.

Thanks for reading. Ruth


4 thoughts on “Boyfriend Jeans – Get Ready

  1. Hey Ruth… one thing I've learned the hard way is that with denim, I wash on HOT and dry at the hottest temp on the dryer at least 3 times, unless you really like high waters!Have fun with this! Lynda Anderson

  2. For the easiest every fly front zipper, here's a Sandra Betzina video from Threads. use this all the time and you can't go wrong! Have fun!

  3. Thanks Lynda, I've actually done both of the things you recommend – see, I'm learning.

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