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Winners’ Meeting


The order of tonight’s meeting is as set in the agenda laid out in accordance with regulation 12 sub-paragraph 2a of the Sewing Manual of Bloggers and Followers 2011 (revised 2012) which gives permission for the use of images and icons to be included in the minutes and agenda.

In attendance
Chairperson – SewRuth
Members – anyone who reads this
Apologies – anyone who does not read this

Call to order for the meeting to begin………….

Item 1

By random selection (independent observer – in other words – teenage son) the following are the winners in the recent pattern GIVEAWAY. Entries opened on 29th February 2012 and closed officially on 7th March (tea-time – GMT). Competition was open to everyone and the chairperson was impressed with the number of interested parties which may encourage the committee to consider further such enterprises.


The Chairperson would like to note that she is somewhat grateful
that teenage son’s  finger nails are almost clean for above photo shoot!

Well done to the above names selected and thanks to everyone who left a comment. It is intended that the relevant pattern collections will be collated and parcelled before the weekend and in the post Saturday morning. Please forward all necessary and essential e-mail correspondence before then. Go to ‘view my complete profile’ in ABOUT ME box and there is a link – e-mail – in there. Click on this and send the information. Thanks.

Item 2
The chairperson is also a winner this week of the Versatile Blogger Award. She would like to extend her appreciation to Pauline of ptrifty  for the nomination and passing on of this prestigious honour.

Item 3
To retain above said award, the chairperson must complete a series of tasks to ensure that specified rules are not broken or avoided. Breaking of these rules would be in contravention of the international G87 summit meeting of global sewing fanatics, hosted at Clougher, 2010.

Item 4
Rule 1 – Add the award badge to the winning blog page – duly done.

Rule 2 – Thank the blogger who gave it – profusely thanked already.

Rule 3 – List the rules – project completed by end of this evening’s meeting.

Rule 4 – List 7 random things about the chairperson that the public may wish to know but that will not endanger or cause them psychological damage, nor will risk the liberty of the chairperson.

  1. Love my job but wish I didn’t have to work.
  2. Love my family but also like it sometimes when they’re not around
  3. Have a cat but is not a mad-cat-lady (like the woman round the corner who has 17)
  4. Often is too honest but is gradually learning to keep my mouth shut
  5. Aspires to owning a haute couture Chanel suit
  6. Doesn’t purchase lottery tickets – so No. 5 remains aspiration
  7. Appreciates the support and camaraderie of fellow internet sewers – and is actually indebted to many of them for the finished objects hanging in her wardrobe.
  8. Whew!

Rule 5 – The ritualistic passing on of the award to 15 deserving and conscientious bloggers who in the opinion of the chairperson are entitled to be nominated for their diligence, demonstrated skill and achievements in the world of blogging and specifically in the sewing related category.

Hence, this is intended as a small token of encouragement to continue, improve and excel at all endeavours. The Chairperson would like it to be made known in the minutes of this evening’s meeting that this list is not by any means complete and comprehensive but a mere sample of the innovative and inspiring individuals who decide to share and support one another.

1. Tina of Down the Retro Rabbit Hole
2. Suzy of Suzy Bee Sews
3. Frau Tipmatic of blog by the same name
4. SewBarbie, also of same name blog.
5. Adri of adriprints.
6. Carly of craftedbycarly
7. Merla of mes sages folies
8. Travelling-soo who writes The Travelling Seamtress
9. Another Suzy, this time from closer to home , of Su- Sews so so
10.JBB of foliedemode
11. Jeyco of I’m Liking It
12. Freya of Hand Made by Freya
13. Lynda’s Sewing and SWAPs 
14.Mema von mema
15. Anne-Marie from imanidoro

Rule 6 – The above nominees will be informed directly of their award by the chairperson depositing a suitable comment on the respective blogs. The recipients can then link to the Chairperson’s blog SewRuth, collect their award in person (copy and paste) and suitably display the award as a gadget on their own page.

Item 5
Any other business:
Date of next meeting  – to be decided and will be posted to all followers in due course.
All contributions are welcomed by the Chairperson on behalf of the committee conducted in the comments section below.

Please leave your notation on the sign-in sheet as you leave the building and last one out switch out the lights.

Thank you. Ruth


9 thoughts on “Winners’ Meeting

  1. very well organised meeting

  2. LOL. This was too funny!:)

  3. Thanks for the honor! I'll be looking into the rules of this prestigious award… anything I should know up front before accepting? 😀

  4. Congratulations to all the lucky winners-and to Ruth for the Versatile Blogger award. I'd like it noted for the record…blah blah blah….:-)

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Thank you for passing on the Versatile Blogger Award to me. It seems a bit like a chain letter but sounds fun 🙂

  7. Thank you profusely for nominating my blog for this award, I can't believe it! I truly appreciate it.SewBarbie

  8. Thank you for passing this along to me! I played along; if you're interested, check out my blog!

  9. Thanks for my first award

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