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LEAP AWAY – Free Stuff!


There has been a battle raging between head and heart the past few days.

Head: You haven’t made it it ages
Heart: But it brings back so many happy memories, I remember the day I wore it to…
Head: Stop! The pattern’s cut in a 12 – you were that size waaay before yesterday – you have the memories, that’s enough.
Heart: But look at this one, I just might
Head: No you won’t. If you haven’t done it by now, you never will.
Heart: This one then – it’s really gorgeous.
Head: Forget it with your hips
Heart: This one’s designer, I should keep it.
Head: (Last word) It’s just not your style. Let someone else have it who’d look good in it.

And so the head won! It wasn’t easy, but here are the GIVEAWAY patterns. There are 5 options:

COLLECTION 1: Uncut, unused, never even taken out of the envelopes. All Vogue. Clockwise from top left –

Collection 1

V7854, sizes 14,16,18, tunic with princess seams and side slits

V8499, sizes 14-20, Marcy Tilton loose fitting skirt and pants

V8307, sizes 14-20, Asymmetrical collar jacket and coat

V8676, sizes 14-20, Marcy Tilton unlined jacket

COLLECTION 2: Vogue Designer patterns, used, cut to a 14.

V1112, Lynn Mizono, sizes 8-14, shirt and pants, only shirt cut

V1134, Anna Sui, sizes 8-14, ankle length dress with gathered neckline. cut

V1142, Issey Miyake, sizes 14-20, loose fitting pleated top and pants with front overlay, only top cut

V1689, Lauren Sara, sizes 14,16,18, evening maternity dress, sleeved version cut

Collection 2

COLLECTION 3: Vintage, late 1980s – early 1990s, mixture of pattern companies, all used and cut to 12. But I know some of you out there crave this era and with your skills and imagination can turn these into wonderful garments.

 Style 4860, size 12, three skirts variations with side pockets, straight skirt only cut,

Style 4904, size 12, double-breasted shirt dress with pleats and BIG shoulder pads. Cut.

Vogue 1944, sizes 14-18, five skirt variations, straight version only cut.

Style 1526, size 12-16, bias cut sun-dress, fitted bodice, either halter neck or straps and full skirt. Strap dress cut.

Vogue 9932, sizes 8-12, tunic with straight skirt or gored and flared skirt, cut.

Collection 3

COLLECTION 4: Mixed dress patterns, mixed companies, styles, condition and eras.

Collection 4

New Look 6862, sizes 10-22, sleeveless dress with short or long jacket. Uncut.

Vogue 9782, sizes 14-18, Flapper style dress with pullover tunic. Tunic only cut to 14

Vogue 7917, sizes 12-16, very easy close fitting dress, long version has fish-tail back. Long version cut to 14.

Butterick 5030, sizes 8-14, six variations of flared wrap dress, can use cotton or linen. Cut to 14.

Collection 5

COLLECTION 5: Accessories Patterns.

Vogue 8466, four shoulder bags. Bottom right only cut.

Vogue 8405,  six hats, uncut, no sizing.

So in celebration of the extra day this Leap Year, I’m handing over these precious and well loved patterns to a better home where they will be equally cherished and possibly even made.

Choose one (or more) of the collections by number. Leave a comment with the collection number(s) you’d like to have to call your own. Names will be randomly selected on 7th March, one week from today, and posted here. Via e-mail we can sort out the posting between us.

Anonymous entrants are also very welcome to make a selection, but you’ll have to send me an e-mail address in case you’re a winner.

No matter where you live (as long as it’s on earth) please enter you name – I’ll post to anywhere.

Good luck

Thanks for reading. Ruth

33 thoughts on “LEAP AWAY – Free Stuff!

  1. Good for you Ruth, I am thinking of doing something similar with my older patterns. I would be interested in collection 5 – Accessories. thanks, Anne(not sure how to send you my email address, will keep trying)

  2. All of the collections are great. Would love to be included for Collection 1. Thanks!

  3. I love both 1 and 2, however, collection 2 won't fit – even at my smallest, I need a 16/18 for sewing patterns.thanks!

  4. I'd love to have Collection 4 or 5. I always wanted to try a Vogue pattern! 7917 with a crossed back look gorgeous, I'd make it a summer dress and hats in 8405 would be useful for me also since I can't find RTW hat that woulld suit my taste! Thank you for this opportunity!

  5. Hi Ruth,This is very generous of you. I'd love Collection 2; I love the Anna Sui dress, and the maternity dress would be perfect for my younger sister who is in the early stages of pregnancy.Ingrid

  6. Hi Ruth, Collection 1 would be my choice. I'm in recovery mode from having foot surgery and wearing a ski boot for 6 weeks so not a lot of sewing is getting done but these patterns would sure kick start my Spring! Thanks for being sooo generous!

  7. Collection 1, I have really been thinking about trying one of those Marcie Tilton patterns,

  8. Hi RuthI like either collection one or collection two but if I was a lucky winner I already have V8307 (the coat) in collection Asymmetrical collar jacket and coat so you could give this to someone else.good luck to all the people who are competing.

  9. Hi, I like collection one or collection two.

  10. I'd like the accessories package! By the way, I cannot wait to see your Boyfriend Jeans! I'm eyeing that pattern myself. Take care, ChrisEmail: I'll send you my address if I'm one of the lucky winners.

  11. I'd love Collection 1!

  12. I love the look of that Vogue coat in Collection 1! Thanks for the giveaway! x

  13. Hi Ruth, We have very similar tastes!! I own many of these. Good for you for passing some of your stash on-that is really nice. Please don't include my name in the giveaway…I am trying to downsize and simplify. Good luck to the entrants. 🙂

  14. Hi Ruth, collection 4 please!! Also your blog is responsible for my new obsession with Irregular Choice shoes. After reading the post where you wear the swans I was hooked! A couple of months later and I have 2 pairs, one of them swans.. Thank You x

  15. I've chosen you for the Versatile Blogger Award. If you like, you can visit my blog and grab it and post it on yours.

  16. What a generous offer ! If I win I would like collection 1, 2 or 5.Thank you.Janice. ( from Scotland.)

  17. Anne, if you go you to my profile on this page you can access my e-mail via there.

  18. Maybe you could grade up Jenn?

  19. Perfect chance without having to spend £ xxx or $xxxx

  20. So, have you made it? Or are you like me, love the design but never got around to it?

  21. Thanks Karen, good luck

  22. Pattern arrived today, Saturday. I've a dress to finish first then I'll get round to them. I must admit, I'm really looking forward to these. Bought new shoes and all…..

  23. Try your hand at them all

  24. Thanks Mary that's really good of you to contribute

  25. Glad to hear I'm responsible for corrupting at least one reader!!!!

  26. Wow! Thanks Patricia – see your own blog for my gratitude. You've actually given me MORE work – LOL

  27. Hi Janice, your name will be duly entered into all three collections – good luck

  28. Oh the opportunities are endless. I knew you ladies would be able to manipulate and alter to fit. Good luck.

  29. You know this maternity dress would also suit non-maternity ladies too.

  30. just found your blog, i'll be subscribing. i like number 1 and 3

  31. What a generous giveaway 🙂 i would love collection 3 – the vinatge one. if that is not a go, then 5 – the accessories would also be awsome :)thank you so much!

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