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Almost Done on a Global Scale


Part 2 of the Watermelon (1960s) suit.

First of all I am extremely pleased with myself for managing to get a skirt and jacket out of 2yds of fabric. This is all that is left from the 2yd piece and I’m feeling very self-righteous at my lack of waste. Just enough to add two patch pockets to the jacket if I want and cover those buttons (?).
However, I do not like stashes. While I love being surrounded by fabric, having to choose a pattern or garment that only requires the yardage I possess was a troublesome thing. I don’t want to make just a skirt for example, because then I have too much fabric left over that can’t be used for anything else and so is wasted and this goes against the grain (!) In future I shall resort to my previous plan of choosing a pattern and buying exactly what I need. Sorry fabric stashers, maybe there’s a learning curve involved here that I haven’t mastered yet. Enlightened me if you can…..
 I took all your advice on board and hope I’ve satisfied everyone with my choice. I couldn’t decide on whether to go for fabric covered buttons or big and fancy and I think I’ve hit the middle ground. These mega beauties are winging their way to me from Australia at this moment via Etsy. They are described as being “watermelon” colour and a whooping 36mm in diameter. So colour matching (covered version) and elaborate enough for fancy. I just hope they’re not too pink against my fabric.
So here is the almost finished suit – just waiting on buttons. In the following pics I am holding the jacket over, so just try to imagine it buttoned. The collar can be folded down as in these pics but is also stiff enough to stand up as in the original design. I like versatility.

I took out about 15cm (6″) from the back – I made a massive dart that was trimmed down – so that the jacket would sit closer to the body than the original and shortened the raglan sleeves to 3/4 length for that retro 60s feel. I also fully lined the jacket, otherwise V1127 is unchanged.

The suit is teamed with a blouse V2912. This has a retro 1960/70 floral print thing that suits the era I was aiming for. I just love finding old things in the wardrobe that match new things – it’s like giving them a new lease of life.

When I made the blouse I also covered a few cheap bangles with the left overs – so I have bangles that match the suit too.

This darling suit has cost me the grand total of:
Fabric    £10
Lining   £5  
Thread  £3
Zip        £2  
Buttons £8
Total    £28   ($44 approx)   – NO WASTE – 100% wool and totally unique

What a good girl am I?

Unfortunately, my piousness was short lived. I mapped out where all these items originated or where sent from and just look below……

Fabric was made in Uruguay and shipped to the States, bought by me, so shipped on to N. Ireland.
Lining was bought in Belfast, but best guess is that it was made in China.
Thread is Gutterman, so came from Germany.
Buttons are in Australia and being sent to N. Ireland.

A truly global effort – but think of the transport and fuel costs etc etc etc.
Why is nothing simple?

Thanks for reading. Ruth

8 thoughts on “Almost Done on a Global Scale

  1. I love your suit! The shape and the collar are so Agent 99! Love the bangles, too!

  2. That looks great on you. I love the length of the skirt, and the jacket collar. Very nice suit!

  3. Your suit is looking so good. You look terrific in it.Pieces of fabric left over that are not quite big enough for anything are extremely annoying, I agree, but fabric left sitting to attract moths is even more annoying!

  4. You look very nice in the suit! I feel the same when there was only tiny piece of left over. Done well!

  5. The suit looks great, if I can keep to the diet perhaps I too can look as good in a nice slim skirt like that.As for your carbon footprint………….hmmm lets say no more. Hope you are pleased with your buttons when they arrive.My only defence for my stash is 1. my fabric is normally cheap enough that I can afford to say buy 2-3 metres of it for only £3 or so. 2. my need to sew something can come in the middle of the night (not many shops open) and 3. I love it. However, if I am spending a lot of money on some fabric, then I would buy what I need for a particular pattern.

  6. I really like your blog! The suit is lovely, the fit and proportioning becomes you. 🙂 And the color!I wish I had more suits in my life.

  7. This fits you beautifully – and the colour suits you so well too! I admire your small fabric stash. Last year when I had a nasty manager I also had a great fabric shop near my office – I think this is the how and why of my stash. This year I have a lovely manager and the little shop moved away, so hopefully I can resist new fabric. Pattern stashing seems to be another whole area to work on…

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